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Conspiracy theory

Well it was here yesterday!

Well it was here yesterday!

Either I’m spending too much time reading AJ’s posts or the second coronation’s getting to me, but the continued unavailability of ammunition, coupled with Homeland Security’s purchase of 1.4 billion rounds of ammunition (including 146,000 rounds of .308 hollow point, a non-military cartridge that, being hollow point, is illegal to use by our military) is beginning to make me think that, if he can’t ban guns for the moment, O’Barry might just be ordering his minions to sweep the shelves clear of ammo. Possible? Take a look at what Luckygunner.com, a large supplier of bulk ammunition has to offer: bupkis. Bare cupboards are the rule at every ammunition supplier I know of.

Time to get reloading equipment and do it myself.


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Do regressives still insist that major media is objective and neutral?


CBS News: (un) balanced, deranged

CBS News: (un) balanced, deranged

CBS News political director John Dickerson: “Obama must destroy the Republican Party”.

The president who came into office speaking in lofty terms about bipartisanship and cooperation can only cement his legacy if he destroys the GOP. If he wants to transform American politics, he must go for the throat. …

Obama’s only remaining option is to pulverize. Whether he succeeds in passing legislation or not, given his ambitions, his goal should be to delegitimize his opponents. Through a series of clarifying fights over controversial issues, he can force Republicans to either side with their coalition’s most extreme elements or cause a rift in the party that will leave it, at least temporarily, in disarray.


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Walter Noel sent his regrets

The grand sendoff - "so long, sucker!" Walt beats the gong slowly

Greetings from Mustique: “so long, sucker!”

Bernie’s brother Peter trips the light fantastic at his grandaughter’ Rebecca’s bat mitzvah before reporting to Otisville for a ten-year visit.

Rebecca is the daughter of Peter’s daughter Shana, legal counsel and compliance director – no, really, this is true – of Madoff Securities. Shana will not be joining her father in prison.

Following the ceremony, which was live-streamed online, Madoff and 100 guests, surrounded by security, went downstairs to the posh Pavilion Room, where they noshed on catered salmon, tuna and bagels.

The scene gave Madoff’s victims indigestion.

“I would much prefer that Peter Madoff be locked up and the only way he can attend the bat mitzvah is through pictures sent to him in prison,” said Michael DeVita, 62, who lost his retirement assets to the Madoff scam.

A Manhattan event planner told The Post that a 200-guest bat mitzvah with all the trimmings at a place like 404 NYC can run $75,000 to $100,000.


The party continues today.


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Halfway through the nightmare: Obama will raise his hand in a finger salute today, one final time

“Half-way” isn’t quite accurate, except in terms of days: Obama has vowed to accelerate his program of destruction during the next four years and he probably will, but I regard today as something like the winter equinox: the darkness now starts to recede as sunlight slowly forces it aside.

Bill Whittle says, don’t despair, but Bill is Old Greenwich’s Ernie Whittle’s cousin and Ernie spends his days giggling at patients undergoing root canals while telling them it’s not so bad. If that sort of cheerful optimism is genetic, then perhaps this video isn’t as uplifting  as it seems. But here it is anyway – best commentary I could find on this dreary inauguration day.


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