Conspiracy theory

Well it was here yesterday!

Well it was here yesterday!

Either I’m spending too much time reading AJ’s posts or the second coronation’s getting to me, but the continued unavailability of ammunition, coupled with Homeland Security’s purchase of 1.4 billion rounds of ammunition (including 146,000 rounds of .308 hollow point, a non-military cartridge that, being hollow point, is illegal to use by our military) is beginning to make me think that, if he can’t ban guns for the moment, O’Barry might just be ordering his minions to sweep the shelves clear of ammo. Possible? Take a look at what, a large supplier of bulk ammunition has to offer: bupkis. Bare cupboards are the rule at every ammunition supplier I know of.

Time to get reloading equipment and do it myself.


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  1. It is getting frightening.

  2. just_looking

    Just because someone is crazy, does not make them wrong. You might be on to something.
    Also, I figure you would have already had a reloader.

  3. AJ

    And here I was thinking Ole’s swamp gas was protecting you from the signal they’re sending out, put some more foil on your head boy, and I’m not talking that cheap stuff that they sell in the supermarket but the good lead stuff that used to come on wine bottles, but now has been replaced by plastic — must be some sort of conspiracy.

  4. weakleyhollow

    Conspiracy aside, I’ve wondered what the heck DHS was going to do with all those bullets, esp. .308 hollow point(?!). Having once been a user of .308, I wouldn’t have thought to use hollow pts for anything. The empty shelves seem to be due to all us folks stocking up.

    • I get the idea of people stocking up, and there’s no question that if each shooter buys an extra 500 rounds of his favorite calibers the numbers would add up quickly, but why is there no 22LR left, and, like you, it’s the .308 hollow point purchase that intrigues – that’s a sniper rifle load, and as noted, illegal under the Geneva Convention (I wonder if Marine snipers actually honor that restriction, but never mind) so who, exactly, is Homeland Security planning to shoot?

  5. AJ Nock

    I clicked on about 10 different types of ammo on luckygunner’s website and they all were in stock. What are you talking about?

    • .308, 7.62×51, 45ACP, 22LR, 9MM, etc. etc. .45 ACP offers just two selections: a box of no name ammo, 25 per box, or Federal hollow points, 1,0000. Usually that selection would include perhaps 12 manufacturers’ wares, in all sorts of loads – except for Homeland Security, I don’t know many people who need 1,000 hollow points, but the cheaper, bulk target stuff, fmj, is all gone. Same for the other calibers. A box or two here or there, but otherwise, nothing. The front page of Lucky Gunner acknowledges this and says the owners are doing the best that they can to obtain ammunition. But if your business depends on selling inventory and you can’t get inventory ….

  6. AJ

    You left out the FEMA re-education camps. But better to educate than re-educate.

  7. Walt

    Dude –
    I am thinking I should buy a gun. I never owned one, so what should I get?

    I am figuring a rifle type thingy. Better to go large, am I right? Kind of like once you go black you never go back? I know you pack a tiny pistol, but that is your problem. And Ms. McBeal’s. So what should I get?

    Shotgun or 30/30? I am leaning towards a shotgun because I can’t shoot. Then I can load it with buckwheat shot and figure I can snuff anything at close range.

    When I buy a gun, will the hotties dig me more? Like that is possible!!

    Want to go shoot some stuff? I have deer all over the place so we can snuff them. While we watch Jap school girl porn!!
    You in?

    Your Pal,

  8. Peg

    Think Chris is drinking too much Kool-Aid? Maybe not….

  9. Al Dente

    All the online suppliers I checked are out or back-ordered or long delays. This is starting to give me the creeps.

  10. Fred2

    As conspiracy theories goes it’s pretty good.
    I suspect a lot of factors are at work here:
    1. Panic buying by us civilians. Every time the current pres opens his gob about guns displaying his disdain, ignorance and hatred, people panic, he’s been talking A LOT.
    2. Buying by both USGov military amd US gov “civil” branches,
    a. The former I understand, even though the wars are winding down, I think the Pentagon was appalled about how quickly they went through ammo and are probably rebuilding war stocks. I do not know this, but I suspect.
    (Also this might also be a good time to take ammo plants off line to refurbish them. Take a couple of the really big ones off line and I’ll bet that has a huge impact downstream.)
    B. Why civilian USGov organizations are buying so much is a good question, I’m not sure they are, maybe procurement methods have changed to consolidate buying? I wouldn’t know where to start. to analyze that over time. However I do not that even the Dept of Education has a SWAT team ( yes, really, a serious one) so if every civilian agency has acquired one and more security guards and etc… That does add up to potentially LOTS of copper and lead if everyone has to qualify and practice – have those regulations been tightened?
    C. Panic – one of the problems is with a run like this is that, police dept’s, avid shooters, and just general recreational shooters, hear of it and immedaitely think , you know I should buy another. truckload, case, brick, “battle pack”, boc of ammo, because it looks like it’s running short…so more things run short, so they order more… it’s a positive feedback loop.
    It only ends, when everyone just gives up or the manufactures catch up or both, suddenly stocks stays on the shelf…people chill out.

    Then the pres opens his mouth again…

  11. Cobra

    From my favorite provider:

  12. AJ

    Great sniper on sniper story starting at 49:20 on the video: US Marine Carlos Hathcock vs North Vietnamese “the Cobra”. Hathcock shoots the Cobra straight through the scope into the eye, proving once again that timing is everything.

  13. Anonymous Citizen

    You’re totally right. As soon as o’bumma won the first time, people started hoarding ammo – wish I had done that too, as they were totally right of course. Now we in NY need a background check to buy ammo & can’t buy online anymore. And you can’t find it anymore anyway. I’m afraid to use the little I have to go to the range. I wonder if the criminals will run out of ammo too.

  14. Anonymous

    Obama confidante Bill Ayers said the regime would have to re-educate tens of millions of Americans and murder 25 million Americans to complete their takeover of the country.

    Obama Attorney General Eric Holder willingly false-flagged and murdered hundreds as a cover for additional gun control, during Obama’s first term.

  15. AJ

    Oops, how’d that happen: it’s just not possible unless …

    ‘United Way Sends Condolences to Sandy Hook Victims 3 Days Before the Shooting’

    “A Google search for ‘Sandy Hook United Way’ shows a cached page dated December 11, 2012, three days prior to the school shooting stating “United Way extends our most sincere condolences and prayers to all those families affected by the devastating events in Newtown/Sandy Hook, Connecticut…”

    From The Daily Sheeple:

    • Google explained that and provided previous examples of erroneous time stamps, but I am still buying an extra large roll of Reynolds Wrap today – this stuff is hurting my head!

      • AJ

        Occam strikes again.

      • Anonymous


        He doesn’t seem to care about reality.

        Saw an interesting line earlier, “…the NAZIs didn’t seize control of their own country with gunpowder. They used a much more potent weapon: propaganda.”

        AJ is all about propaganda…

        • AJ

          On my first day in school, one of my professors who had placed a number of objects on a table asked me to describe what I saw. After I had done so, he told me to GET UP OFF MY ASS and move to a different position in the room and then describe what I saw, and the results were indeed quite different. What I am all about is opening peoples’ minds to the possibility that what you are being spoonfed by the MSM and establishment may not be an accurate interpretation of what actually took place. In fact, it may be disinformation or an outright lie as a means of implementing their agenda which almost certainly is not in your best interest.

    • Obnoxious

      AJ – you are absolutely INSANE if you think that the Newtown tradgedy was planned. It is absolutely disgusting that you would even suggest something like this. You are spending all day long blogging about conspiracy theories that have no basis in fact and this latest post has all the hallmarks of a delusional old-timer who needs serious help.

      • AJ

        Mr Obnoxious, you are either a troll or a fool if you won’t even consider the possibility, considering the knee-jerk reaction of both the government and the press — no mention of pyshotropic drugs; in fact, we can’t even find out what they were. Would you care to explain how the Gulf of Tonkin happened, or how the the FBI set up a bunch of patsies to blow up the World Trade Center in ’93 when they could have used fake explosives but chose to use real ones instead. They only killed six people because the “terrorists” failed to park the truck in the right place. Their intent was to kill thousands but fortunately they failed. Care to explain how World Trade Center building seven imploded straight down into its own foundation when the building had not been hit, had not been structural damaged, and only had a few scattered, minor fires burning — a complete impossibility. Care to explain why the bomb squad had to go into the Alfred P. Murrah federal building to remove wired-in explosives that had failed to detonate in the Oklahoma City bombing.

        The United states govenment has proven that they have no trouble killing thousands (in the case of the ’93 bombing that would be US citizens) to acheive their goals. If you refuse to accept that any of these above events are not factual, then it is you who are the fool. And what is disgusting is that there are so many citizens who are as gullible as you. I believe it was just last week that Holder claimed that the government had to do a better job of brainwashsing Americans.

  16. Anonymous

    The Obama security forces and propaganda machine are shaping the battle space to make 2nd Amendment advocates the enemy, liable to be shot by government forces.

    Of all the threats to America, jihadists, Mexican drug cartels, gangs, environmental extremists, Obama chooses to demonize Constitutionalists.

    Eric Holder’s DoJ armed Mexican drug cartels, has just reduced waiting periods for gun buying by illegals, has just lifted US travel restrictions on Saudi jihadists, and never prosecuted his old fraternity the New Black Panthers.

    Janet Napolitano’s DHS cited Christians, returning veterans, Constitutionalists, 2nd Amendment advocates, and limited government advocates as terror threats, but also omitted jihadis and the Mexican drug cartels.

  17. Al Dente

    Government needs to focus on Boy/Girl Scouts and their nefarious activities, anti-gay policies, and illegal fundraising schemes. Dangerous!

    • Sorry to report that the GS have already been taken into the liberal fold. BS under constant attack for their anti-gay stance, they’ll probably crumble before too long. Our unrelenting caving in to be politically correct and please every segment of society, no matter how depraved or immoral, is undoing us all.

  18. Babylon Sister

    According to a 1985 interview with this KGB defector, the Soviets’ subversion campaign in the US has turned out more successful than they originally anticipated. Not all wars are fought with bullets, and in the long-term the pen is indeed mightier than the sword.

  19. Chris you are so nice, that is the best picture of our Noble head oh DHS.
    You must be a fan.,….