Hmm, no guns, no knives, no prosecutions, how could England have such a high rate of violent crime?

Transportation Day

Transportation Day

Criminal receives 113 “cautions” after crime spree. Australia would never have been settled were this the norm back in the good old days.

A burglar was let off with more than 100 cautions after raiding homes in south-east England.

The thief, who has not been identified, was issued 113 reprimands but escaped further punishment when he confessed in prison to the one-man looting spree.

A previous report showed in the same year, 2011, thousands of criminals, including arsonists, robbers and violent thugs were being let off with a ‘slap on the wrist’.

In 2011 one in five sex offenders and more than one in four violent thugs were given a caution.

In 2011 cautions were handed out to 269 robbers, 3,359 burglars and 461 arsonists. One in four violent offenders was given one.

Cautions were given to 1,532 sex offenders along with 128 criminals who made murder threats.


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14 responses to “Hmm, no guns, no knives, no prosecutions, how could England have such a high rate of violent crime?

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    England is FOOKED. It’s the legacy of stupid Gordon Brown and his Tory mirror image Cameron. Rule Britania? Britania can’t even muster up enough steel to rule London’s neighborhoods. Might as well surrender the Falklands to that crazy Kirchner slut [Fluke – Ed] now, we all know how it’s going to end anyway.

    • Anonymous2

      Couldn’t agree more. Between soaring crime, out of control immigration, nut case global warming laws, sky high VAT taxes and a “health” service that liquidates the elderly I’m afraid I’d be mugged or arrested before I left the airport. These days the UK and the EU generally are best observed from an airplane at 35,000 feet, if at all.

  2. anon

    If there’s any doubt that the US media has an anti-gun agenda, just watch the news, any channel, and listen as they report local crime. While there are crimes in the tri-state with weapons other than guns, we the viewer might not ever learn that. The conversation from here on out is about gun violence. From the heinous Journal News outing to Cuomo’s rush to gain national popularity (that’s what it’s about) to King Obama hoping congress will roll over and grant his 23 executive orders. Our country has charged in the last month, dramatically. People who aren’t noticing this are the same ones planning to watch today’s coronation.

  3. Al Dente

    Anon: it has changed dramatically. Reminds me of this scene:

  4. anonymous citizen

    There will always be evil in the world. The
    ability of citizens to effectively defend themselves must not be infringed. Oh, that pesky Constitution, always in Barry’s way. We are demonized, not the criminals.

  5. RL

    Hark! A grand day for shopping for reloading equipment ! Toss one back for world peace and let the journey begin. If I can be of assistance just ask.
    RCBS Master Reloading Kit is not a bad way to start, buying second hand is always a good idea if items are in good shape and well taken care of.

    • I was prowling through Craigs list last night with that in mind. Thanks for the tip re:entire kit- sounds like a good way to get into it.

      • stedenko

        stock up on primers if you can find them. In a few years they’ll be worth twice their weight i gold.

        • I discovered a shortage of primers last fall when I needed some more powerful (ie, smokeless powder) ones after substituting a new alternative for my black powder. I bought 2,000 when I found some. That’s enough to keep a single shot muzzleloader in business for the next billion years, but if I do start reloading, I’m good.

  6. RL

    Chris, Some people like the progressive machines, especially if you have limited time. If that is the case I would definitely look at Dillon Precision Equipment. Pretty much backed by a hassle free lifetime guarantee and they have techs available to help with any issues. Really good people to do business with. Other than that, most of my presses are single stage RCBS and a mix of RCBS and Lee Precision dies with the exception of the cartridge case cleaning tumblers and I do think that Lyman makes a great tumbler for vibrating tumbler for cleaning the brass cases. The best buys on the Lyman Tumblers seem to be on Ebay.

  7. Fred2

    You want to hear how bad it is, read “Inspector Gadget” blog for a front line view of policing in the UK for a few days.

    I’m not shocked how bad it is in the UK, I’m shocked it isn’t far worse.

  8. David Smith

    For about 50 years I heard non stop how England had a crime rate about 1/4 ours (usually credited to gun control). Then I retired and actually had the time to genuinely research a few things. Not only were they different than I had been told, but I was amazed at how difficult it was to get accurate information.

    • I posted those numbers last week and I’m too lazy to look them up now, but England’s violent crime rate if 4 or 5X ours. But they rarely use guns, so that’s alright, mate.