Quinoa is for the little people

White House, White Castle, who gives a fig?

White House, White Castle, who gives a fig?

White House inauguration lunch: 3,000 calories per diner. Lobster, bison and pie a la mode, but no calorie count signs, even though ObamaKare requires them. Michelle was too busy gorging on bison tenderloin to explain this departure from recommended dietary procedure.


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9 responses to “Quinoa is for the little people

  1. Pork Belly Trader

    Yet the media fawns and Americans drool over Mr. and Mrs. Hypocrite. You should note that Michelle My Belle has been conspicuously absent since Big Boy Barack got re elected. She’s too busy planning how to spend our money on her lavish trips these next four long long long years.

  2. Another thing about the trendy quinoa….the grain all the BEST people want in their diet now……in Peru where it’s grown the people there who have relied on it as a diet staple can no longer afford it, it’s sold for foreign consumption (us). Yeah for us!!!

  3. Peg

    Modus operandi for this President and First Lady. Do as we say; God forbid, not as we do!

  4. And poor Willard is sitting in La Jolla, eating grilled cheese.

  5. Fred2

    Willard is probably contemplating his high ball thinking: “What was I thinking, I so dodged a bullet by losing.”

  6. AJ

    The law is for the little people: Eric Holder refuses to prosecute his own Assistant Attorney General who had child porn on his Department of Justice work computer, a problem that is rampant in government, but ignored. Nobody abuses children better than government.

    • Eric Holder refuses to prosecute himself for lying to Congress, under oath, about the Justice Department’s Fast and Furious gun running scheme, so what’s little kiddie porn?

  7. anon

    the true michelle yesterday- non-quinoa eating, shoveling food into her mouth, elbows on table, rolling her eyes as boehner and obama talk. i have more trouble that this “woman” is our first lady than barack being president. she has zero class. zero.

  8. RL

    “Fast & Furious” was all in the name of the first attempt of making an attack on the 2nd Amendment by the Obama Admin. Holder was involved and should be prosecuted. The whole thing was geared toward the ” American Guns making it across the borders in the wrong hands scam, and WE HAVE TO STOP THIS !” So they came up with a plan, a plan so that they could prove large quantities of guns coming from America were ending up in Mexico causing major problems, another SHAM for another means of a public media attack on gun owners to take ACTION and more rights away from legal law abiding American citizens. Only that plan failed and went terribly wrong and as a result an American U.S. Border Patrol Officer lost his life with one of those weapons that were illegally mishandled in this BOGUS operation. The GUILTY WALK FREE , NO JUSTICE FOR AGENT TERRY , What is Congress doing about it ? What are they doing about the scandal in Libya ? NOTHING ?? It’s Sickening !!! Vote them all out in 2016 !