Good thing I have other things to do today

Broker open house tour offers little to nothing new. Two I don’t need to see again are 1 Birchwood Lane and 47 Round Hill Road, asking $4.995 million and $8.195 respectively.

Fine dining at Birchwood?

Fine dining at Birchwood?

1 Birchwood is an interesting example of the speculative building boom and its bust. Built in 2006 at the height of the market on marginal land (it’s on Will Merry, with the babbling brook tinkle of Merritt Parkway traffic washing over it), and unusual design, in that its master bedroom extends the entire length of the east side of the house and plantings that – well you tell me: do they look like miniature Brussels sprouts to you,too?

In any event, it was priced at $6.495 in 2006 and has never sold. I assume it’s been rented out for some of the intervening years, never a great way to improve a home’s condition, dropped to $5.895, $5.695 last spring  and today it’s offered at $4.995. Had it started at this latest number it might have sold seven years ago. As it is ….

47 Round Hill Road did sell after it was built, for $8.175 million in 2005, a number that struck some of us as exuberant but heck, those were the go-go years. The buyers tried reselling it for $8.995 in 2010 without success, dropped it to $7.995 in 2012 and when it still hadn’t sold by September, raised its price to $8.195 as a lesson to us all. I suppose next month they’ll be back at $8.995 and then, who knows? $15 million by July? Rush right over or you’ll be sorry.


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7 responses to “Good thing I have other things to do today

  1. Peg

    I love brussel sprouts.

  2. The New Normal

    no listing for 47 RHR?

  3. ShedLessToolMan


    If you were a school teacher, this would be your summer break.. unless you had to tutor the kids at the less fortunate elementary schools that could not get re-zoned or bussed out to better performing institutions..


    seriously, it is slow.. was never this slow with a republican in office..

  4. Cobra

    Owners of 1 Birchwood rented the joint out this summer for a commercial shoot. Trucks, craft vehicles, crew cars parked on Birchwood and Willmerry for a few days. Must have brought in a few thousand.

  5. ShedLessToolMan

    47 RHR is a beautiful house.. and very nice land and location.. issues with this one are all price related.. but, it sure is easy on the eyes.. what do you think it is worth?

    • Whatever someone will pay for it, of course, so, so far, it’s worth less than $7.999. On the other hand, didn’t Lindsay Drive just go $8? Every buyer’s different and so are houses, but I’d put this in Lindsay’s range. Unless it doesn’t sell this year, in which case, I’m wrong.