Sale and a contract

Three Connecticut Avenue has sold, 38 Dairy Road has an accepted offer.

3 Connecticut Avenue

3 Connecticut Avenue

3 Connecticut sold for $658,000. It was just purchased last spring for $575,000, had a new roof and other amenities added and listed again this past October for $685,000, receiving an acceptable offer in just 9 days.

38 Dairy Road had a longer trail to the selling block. Purchased in 2000 for $1.640, it’s been on and off the market since then, being rented out during some of that time. It started at $2.595, eventually dropped to $1.865 and now it’s going. It was listed as land as well as a residence and to my mind, its value is that of a building lot. I wasn’t wild about it because, although Dairy Road’s a good location, this land is down off the road and my father once taught me that water flows downhill. But that’s nothing that can’t be corrected with a proper (read, “expensive”) drainage system and it’s always possible in this age of miracles that the law of gravity has been repealed. Hey, it’s working for the Democrats, isn’t it?


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15 responses to “Sale and a contract

  1. Cos Cobber

    Yeah, real estate!

    • MLS has been closed down, what with weekend, Martin Luther Day and all that. Plus, there’s really been almost no activity to report on during the holidays. Yesterday marked the traditional beginning of our spring market so I’m hopeful we can return to a fuller diet of real estate. Sort of hopeful. To be honest, writing exclusively on split level ranches and spec builder dreck would get awfully boring for me, if not for readers actually interested in, you know, Greenwich real estate.

      • Cos Cobber

        You wimp. Split level ranches, foreclosures, cos cob outhouses, backcountry wetdreams…none of it ever gets old or stale. Feed me.

  2. Cos Cobber

    I see Ralph Lauren closed his Rugby store on Gwich Ave. But dont fret, Hermes is coming!

    • I’ve never understood why anyone would shop on Greenwich Avenue and pay a premium for a Ralph Lauren logo when that same garment can be bought at Costco for half the price. Hermes, as I understand it, doesn’t sell to the great unwashed, which is why I patronize Costco.

  3. Anonymous

    the bbq at the intersection is a nice touch on 3 connecticut.

    you could serve lemonade & weenies to passersby going in 2 different directions….

  4. I know we have slavery and its emancipation on the mind, but what else could “selling block” refer to. Or is that just PC-incorrect humor?

  5. Dairy Road

    Whoever staged the entry hall picture should be shot, and whoever decided to include it in the listing failed their fiduciary responsibility to the seller

    • ShedLessToolMan

      well my guess is..if your broker does not move the water bottle or silver trough bucket from your entry table or your random 3 sets of shoes for the marketing pictures…

      most likely you are paying 5% commission instead of 6%.. I always tell clients to go for the deluxe picture package just like in high school.. I throw in some wallet sized pics too..

      now, forget the joking.. seriously, the broker and the photographer both need to take a step back and rethink what happened there.

    • InfoDiva

      [Edited because I’m kind] and Coldwell Banker. Realtor for something like 35 years. Maybe she’s getting bored with the job or something. Those pics look like they were taken by an Instamatic with an old flashcube.

  6. Walt

    Dude –
    Didn’t Andrew Kissel live on Dairy Road? What ever happened to his house? And where were you on the night of April 3, 2006? Huh? HUH!! You were a Boy Scout, correct? Where you were first initiated into
    Man – boy love, and also learned how to tie knots. And he was tied up in the basement!! ADMIT IT!!

    And a “Murder in Greenwich” is on TV right now. It’s about the Martha Moxley murder, based on the book by Mark Fuhrman, the guy who let OJ walk. Where were you on the night of October 30, 1975? This has a Kennedy connection, so you must be a prime suspect. Plus you hate Belle Haven.

    Another prime suspect, Michael Skateboard, currently incarcerated for your crime, is related to the Kennedy’s somehow. I think Ethanol Skakel was the kids Aunt, and she married Bobby Kennedy, who you shot in L.A.

    Were you Trick or Treating in Belle Haven that year? Stoned out of your mind on magic mushrooms, and craving munchies? So you went to Belle Haven seeking free candy to feed your drug fueled cravings. Big nickel bars that you could only get in richest neighborhood in all of Greenwich!! Did you wear your clown costume with the big red nose?

    Then you decide to climb a tree and masturbate. That is the only part of your night of terror that I can relate to. Where did you get the golf club? Why did you choose a 6 iron, and not a putter? Did you use a Mulligan?

    ADMIT IT!!!
    Your Pal,

    • 10 Dairy Road (I think it was 10) was purchased by Mark Mariani, torn down and replaced by the “Mariani Special” identical copies of which can be found all over town. They say that the ghost of poor Andy can still be heard when the breeze rustles through the apple trees at sunset on misty summer morns, but I haven’t been near the place since that dreadful night.
      And yeah, poor Mike S – he got a bum deal, but what could I have done? Besides, what else was Skakel doing with his life? Now he’s got purpose.