There might be something genuine about our Charlatan in Chief but don’t look for it in the musical highlights.

Beyonce lip synched, even the Marine Band was dubbed.  Hey, it’s just the national anthem – you can’t expect the Kenyan and his pals to get worked up about that, can you? I was disappointed in the Marines, at first,  but on reflection, maybe they figured out that actually performing would signify respect for this dreadful man. Semper Fi, baby.


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16 responses to “There might be something genuine about our Charlatan in Chief but don’t look for it in the musical highlights.

  1. To the contrary, best performance evah!

    Ms. B had to remove her earpiece mid-song, due to velocity-of-sound travel distance from public speakers compared to her time-leading ear-piece.

    Cite a better performance if you can.

  2. Besides, public theater is drama for the masses. Put on your red American-designer gown and get with the PR program. Enjoy the next four years. They may be your last!

  3. Fred

    It’s open knowledge that lots of pop music is lip synched. I mean really, look at some of the dance routines associated with the shows and tell me a human can sing AND engage in an aerobic work out simultaneously.

    That and auto-tune. <- hysterically funny when some of the stars sing without it, they literally can't hold a note and have voices that are the anti-thesis of rich and round.

    Now if we could get a political candidate who does all of the above and needs a teleprompter to remember his lines, that would be comedy gold
    …. oh, wait.

  4. AJ

    Could you imagine seeing these guys live, I don’t have to — I did, and have them lip syncing it.

  5. AJ

    Live performances will not be tolerated: you never know what someone might do:
    ‘Rapper Lupe Fiasco thrown offstage during pre-inauguration event after anti-Obama rant’

    Apparently, they don’t like anti-war songs. After security escorted him off the stage, I wonder if they took him to the free speech zone where instead of singing “Go Tell It on the Mountain” he could have sung “Go Tell It to a Brick Wall”.

  6. Anonymous

    They’re already talking Biden in 2016. Wake me up when this nightmare is over.

  7. Mickster

    the swearing in was also fake – the real inaugration was done the day before – doesn’t everyone know this?

  8. Fred2

    ” free speech zone ” < – Sounds like something they'd have inthe former soviet union, right close to the train station so it's easy to ship you to the gulag.

    I know the current administration didn't invent them, they just sound so… un-american.

    • JRH

      The language is Orwellian, indeed, but time, place, and manner restrictions have been a permissible complement to the First Amendment’s freedoms since the ink on the Bill of Rights was still wet.

  9. Greenwich Gal

    so what