1,000 days (or so), but it sold


(small house, small picture)

(small house, small picture)

10 Heusted Lane, 1924, 1,500 sq. feet affording “an opportunity to redo”, sold for $785,000. Started at $1.199 million in September 2010, a price that in retrospect was ill advised.


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8 responses to “1,000 days (or so), but it sold

  1. Anonymous

    Heusted Lane?

  2. ShedLessToolMan

    450 North street.. also with a long history of drops and days on market.. I think it just sold.. 10 Heusted could be 450 North’s less rich cousin..

  3. AJ

    Not a bad deal, compared to Havemeyer. A well treed neighborhood, south of village, walking to school, shopping and train; close enough to saltwater to be able to smell it. The full, true OG experience.

  4. D

    So the issue here was an inability to expand it?

  5. Anonymous

    Sellers paid $1,125,000 in 2005. So assuming broker fees, transaction costs and taxes that’s a $400k loss. It’s shocking how much the edgewater neighborhood has dropped ( even pre Sandy). While the rest of OG has improved to somewhere around 2006/7 levels this area continue to be down 25-30%.

    This is a case of all this city dweller who wanted too move to the burbs during a time of little inventory thinking that a 1,500sf house is still bigger than a one bed. In the end there is little real deman for a small house wih little expansion potential.

    Sad to see anyone lose that kind of money.

  6. Anonymous

    I’m not sure who would ever want to move to Edgewater- most of the houses flood and they don’t even have water views!!!

  7. WorthyChief

    I thought it was a good deal. FAR regulations really screwed the smaller non-conforming lots.