Accepted offers reported


30 Khakum Wood

30 Khakum Wood

30 Khakum Wood, reduced from $4.695 million to $3.695, 450 DOM

2 Marks Rd

2 Marks Rd

2 Marks Road, reduced from $2.255 to $1.799, 420 DOM. I wouldn’t imagine it’s selling for that final asking price but in Riverside these days, nothing would surprise me. I guess.


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15 responses to “Accepted offers reported

  1. Anonymous

    Now those are some real price reductions!
    Too bad it isn’t going be enough to get the job done….

    Chris, what will that 13,000 sq.ft house on Taconic, just off the 10th fairway of stanwich finally go for?
    Started at 31 million 2000 days ago or so
    Down to 9.75 last I checked

    Maybe 600/ft?

  2. Anonymous

    504 North Street has a deal and you have no comments? I’m disappointed.

  3. Anonymous

    explain the economics on the khakum property? It seems to be cutting it close in at best a flat market.

    • Well let’s see: a two acre building lot in Khakum Wood, $2.5? $2.8? I don’t remember the quality of the land, but that should be in the ballpark. If final sales price is, say, $3.4, that means $600,000 for the house, if the buyer wants it. If he doesn’t, then this is a pricey bit of land, but there’s not much of that available in Khakum Wood so if the buyer really, really wants to live there, then what’s a bit of overpaying matter?

  4. Accolay

    Is Khakum Wood really worth a $600K markup? I guess it carries weight in the mid-country social scene.

  5. Khakum

    Private Assoc supposed to keep s**t boxes out.

  6. anonymous

    The part of Khakum Wood on Lake is Konnittekock Rd. Who came up with these names? Couldn’t spell Connecticut?

    You could buy this house there in a swamp for $4.5.

  7. Anonymous

    What does this mean for the two “new” houses on Marks?

  8. deep pockets

    the association paid a fortune years ago to dredge a big pond near the back of the khakym woods. what an engineering feat. i doubt anyone had to question the bill. foilks here have deep pockets.

  9. GreenITCH

    What was your take on 2 Marks Rd house CF ? Aside from coming onto the market at an unrealistic price .

    • Cheaply finished, no yard, busy corner lot, over priced. Other than that …
      I know of a bid, not from one of my clients, that was rudely rejected here. My advice to listing agents is don’t take low bids personally and don’t make it personal by insulting the heritage and motives of the bidder. You cut off further negotiations and you look so, so stupid when you sell the house a year later for significantly less.