Bloomberg: No (transfat) soup for you!

bloombergHe’s got time for watching what fat people drink, what all of us eat, and preening in front of cameras to denounce guns, but Mayor Mike wasn’t around to deal with the teachers union or even the looming budget deficit. Tough issues are not us, I suppose.

And From Instapundit:

Oh, and when he jets off to Bermuda, he takes armed New York City detectives as bodyguards. “The mayor also takes along a police detail when he travels, flying two officers on his private plane and paying as much as $400 a night to put them up at a hotel near his house. . . . Guns are largely forbidden in Bermuda — even most police officers do not use them — but the mayor’s guards have special permission to carry weapons. A spokesman for the Police Department declined to comment.”

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9 responses to “Bloomberg: No (transfat) soup for you!

  1. allan

    He is beyond stupid! Please keep him up nannyville. Every morning I kiss the Texas soil and know I am so lucky.

  2. TheWizard

    Remember how the media used to hammer George Bush with the Irag war body count on a daily basis?
    Imagine if one day an honest media decided to go after liberal hypocrisy in the same style.
    One can dream.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    This little midget dwarf Jew billionaire is a tyrannical, despotic, overreaching, egomaniacal, control freak, hypocritical homo. Whose Mother wears combat boots. Jackie Chiles Dude!!

    He epitomizes the liberal elite, who want to control the populace, by taking away GOD GIVEN liberties that no political hack should be empowered to infringe upon. And then they exempt themselves from the very laws they pass. We are losing more and more of our liberties every day.

    Did you see he is building 300sft apartments in NY? He is making it next to IMPOSSIBLE to drive to NYC. They are going to make us all drive matchbox cars. This is all about Global Warming. They are going to force us all to reduce our carbon footprint. And it is going on all around us. What is a carbon footprint, Dude?

    Anyhows, as our great first President Benjamin Franklin said “Give me Liberty, or give me death”. And after they totally topple the second amendment, that will be much, much easier for them to do.

    Your Pal,

  4. Peg

    I must admit I’ve never quite understood the Big Gulp ban. Does he really think that you can’t get over 400 lbs by munching your way through the grocery with Doritos, Chunky Monkey, deep dish pepperoni pizza, fried cheese curds and all the other major food groups? Or – are he and his ilk going to station guards at the grocery, only allowing the fubsy among us to come home with skinless chicken breasts, cucumbers and my beloved brussel sprouts?

    The left mocks Christianity and other traditional religions. Believe my agnostic rear end, though – I’d take the judeo-Christian religions any day over the fire breathing progressive version of dogma!

    • Peg, have you read George Will’s lecture on politics and the need for religion? It’s absolutely brilliant. Unfortunately, it’s forty pages long (extra large type because it’s a transcript, but still, lengthy), so I haven’t linked to it, figuring most people won’t read 40 pages of anything anymore, no matter how rewarding. But try it – too bad Mayor Mike and his fellow Democrats won’t.

      • Peg

        I will read when I get the time. Doing major parent work here in FLA (Mom in the hospital; Dad lost without her – real estate at midnight by electronic signature). Looking forward to being educated, however – thanks!

  5. Chimney

    A “tyranical, despotic, overeaching, egomanical, control freak”- I was sure you were talking about someone else, who fits this description perfectly.

  6. Libertarian Advocate

    Chimney: “tyranical, despotic, overeaching, egomanical, control freak” are the observable manifestations of NPD and can easily apply to nearly everyone who runs for office. When they win office, the condition only worsens. The Shrink Cabal has taken NPD out its compendium of treatable disorders, mostly because it is effectively incurable, and therefore not likely re-imburseable under insurance.

  7. Gary misch

    Rules are for the little people