How’d I miss this?

Baby it's cold inside...

Baby it’s cold inside…

A reader alerts me that 504 North Street has an accepted offer! This spec house was built on land purchased for $3.5 million in 2004 and completed in 2007, when it was priced at $11.795 million, a laughable figure in view of its final – asking, not selling – price of $6.2 (although to be fair, there’s a $6.450 mortgage on the house, so the builder’s desire to at least ask that much is understandable). No one ever bought it, until now, and I’ve always attributed the lack of interest from buyers to the design of the house as well as its price. This place is stone cold – there wasn’t a room that felt welcoming, human-sized or in any way related to the concept of actual habitation by real people.

Or that was my take, anyway. Someone, for the right price, disagreed. Probably a cyborg.


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9 responses to “How’d I miss this?

  1. Geezer

    I could never buy this house, even if (a) I could afford it or (b) I thought it was pretty. Did you see the tub in the master bath? My old hips and knees couldn’t climb into that tub, or if I could, I’d never get back out and would die an old wet prune.

    • After nine years watching his money sit idle in this rat hole, I’m sure the builder would gladly throw a step ladder into the deal, so go for it, man. Accepted offer or not, it’s never too late for a bidding war!

  2. Anon

    You’re out of your mind. This place is crazy cheap given the quality and size of this masterpiece..and North Street school to boot, which is better than Parkway with its redistricting issue looming. It may not suit your taste, but it’s cheap nonetheless.

  3. anonymous

    The old house that was there before was better.

  4. Anonymous

    I guess it depends on your definition of “masterpiece”

  5. wickets

    I wouldnt want to pay to heat the place but one excellent feature is the master bathroom enclosed toilet….it surprises me that very few million dollar+ homes dont have this….how else to distinguish from the riff raff??haha

  6. Anonymous

    agree, it’s a cheap piece [did you mean price? either one is apt – ED] no matter you like or not

  7. Anonymous

    Definitely cheap for the amount of house and land. Lesser homes have sold for far more. But it’s ugly. Really, really ugly. And there’s nothing you can do to change that. Let this stand as a warning to all spec builders that want to push the envelope on design.

  8. FF

    That old house, the pink ranchero with horse barns and lots and lots of space was one of my favorite houses in Greenwich growing up. It was happily out of place, but its good karma was squashed by 20,000 square feet of house