New listing in Riverside

20 Meadow Road

20 Meadow Road

20 Meadow Road, $2.395 million. 1924, (unspecified) “renovations” 2010. I remember liking this house when my old firm had it in 2003 but it took a year (and another firm, when the owners got pissed off at us) to sell, because it was overpriced (and who set that price? Oh well, that’s how this business works). Bought for $1.560 in 2002, the owners tried for $1.725 before finally selling it for $1.568. As I said, I liked the house then – a little quirky, as might be expected in a house built in 1924 but perfectly livable and in a great location. I don’t know, yet, what the current owners have done to improve it but depending on how much they’ve done, $2.4 for Meadow in Riverside certainly seems like a reasonable price.


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11 responses to “New listing in Riverside

  1. Anonymous

    how does a house assessed at 800k trade for 2.4mil?

  2. shoeless

    Taxes are way off if this thing sells for more than $2.

  3. InfoDiva

    Taxes are so way off that it’s laughable. I think the town needs an emergency interim reassessment, and I’m surprised that all the folks in back country aren’t demanding it. To go on like this for another three years is outrageous.

  4. Anonymous

    hey i hope the town continues in its absurd ways of undervaluing. it’s about the only decent break left in this high taxpaying world.

  5. Anonymous

    As usual, I could not agree with InfoDiva more.

  6. Picture perfect

    House is very appealing. Lots of couples with kids can picture themselves living here. People buy life styles…but $2395k is big bucks without a wine cellar.

  7. Anonymous

    Any thoughts on 76 Valleywood Rd pricing?