Shocker: GHS Senior named as Intel Prize finalist and he’s not Indian!

Elizabeth Warren weeps.

Stephen Le Breton is recognized for his work on bone regeneration. I’m only half-kidding about his ancestry because, while Greenwich High School produces an astonishing number of Intel finalists, it seems that most (many?) are of Indian descent. We’re proud of all of them all, of course, but the Indians count on our “minority” performance scores, so naturally we treasure them more than the others.

But still, Stephen, outstanding job.

UPDATE: Turns out, GHS has two finalists, including Annie Zhang. Greenwich Time now profiles them both, as well as the GHS Honors Science teacher who’s been helping turn out so many geniuses these past years, Andy Bramante. Let’s triple Mr. Bramante’s pay and hire more like him while clearing out the deadwood? Just a thought, and I supposes impractical; why waste his kind of talent monitoring a classroom of video-playing illiterate, privileged dolts? Deadwood’s perfect for that job.

UPDATE Two: Lest you think that I was part of the Stephen Le Breton/Annie Zhang cohort, let me admit: although we didn’t have video games back in my day, I was exactly the kind of lazy, uninterested student I describe above and Mr. Bramante’s skill and enthusiasm would have been entirely wasted on me. Fortunately for me, I was literate and an idiot savant when it came to multiple choice tests, so I took those tiny skills and made a go of things. Digging ditches after high school in Arkansas for two bucks an hour also helped with the lazy privileged part.


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23 responses to “Shocker: GHS Senior named as Intel Prize finalist and he’s not Indian!

  1. Westchesterer

    If you were mainstream you would be harped upon for such comments. If you cannot express the truth in a civil manner, without being oppressed by thugs who claim to be in opposition of oppression, the truth no longer exists. I applaud your honesty in the face of oppressive thugs who do not care for truth, but only whether or not the truth hurts their feelings.

    Without the truth we let the animals and thugs run the world.

    • Anonymous

      What did Westchesterer just say?
      Cliff Notes, are you bad or good?

      • Westchesterer

        What I mean is that political correctness distorts opinion by favoring emotions over truth. Why should the truth not be the highest of consideration in dialog? If we say that the AA homicide rate is 8 times that of whites, which, incidentally, also includes hispanics, it is simply the truth and not a judgement of why. It’s neither racist, which the PC thug will claim, nor indicative of prejudice. In the recent firearms debate that raged the country, how much of the US homicide rate, in comparison to Piers’s England, for example, was attributed to inner city black on black crime? It most certainly contributes to elevated US homicide statistics, and disallowing it from discussion leads the conversation away from the truth solely for the purpose of being politically correct. Being PC makes us stupid, as individuals, and as a culture.

  2. Geezer

    Bravo. Send this kid to med school now so he can learn how to regenerate bone for my knees and hips. As far as I know, now all replacement joints are metal or ceramic. If one could regenerate bone, how much easier and less toxic replacements would be. He’s on to something, big.

    • Anonymous

      Would you be willing to PAY for this treatment OUT OF POCKET? Would you be willing to support this young man through an extremely expensive educational process, that takes many years of training and delayed gratification? The profession of Medicine is slowly disintegrating…..

  3. Anonymous

    comanche indian?

  4. Anonymous

    in fact, he likes to wear a bone thru his nose while at work

  5. Anonymous

    As with all good racists, the overtures are subtle

    • ooh! Oooh! The racist word! What a fine riposte, what a put down! It’s obvious that you have your college degree,and from a fine, modern institution with correct thinking professors. Congratulations, sir.

      • Anonymous

        I was referring to the “comanche indian?” comment by Anonymous, but does your defensive response imply you might have something to defend?

  6. Shoeless

    Can’t be.

  7. AJ

    Who needs ancestry when you’ve got science:
    ‘Oxford Professor Says Genetically Altering Unborn Babies Personalities A Moral Obligation’

    “Genetically screening our offspring to make them better people is just “responsible parenting”, claims an eminent Oxford academic, The Telegraph reports.

    Professor Julian Savulescu, editor-in-chief of the Journal of Medical Ethics, said that creating so-called designer babies could be considered a “moral obligation” as it makes them grow up into “ethically better children”, this based on a few genetic links to ‘personality disorders’.

    He said that we should actively give parents the choice to screen out personality flaws in their children as it meant they were then less likely to “harm themselves and others”. …”

  8. Walt

    Dude –
    I am pretty certain it is the Dot Indians, not the Feather Indians, who win all of these science contests.

    The Dot Indians come from a very poor country, but they work very hard to improve themselves and value education to get ahead. They value doctors, engineers, scientists and computer science. They also usually speak multiple languages. They think the legal “profession” is very low on the food chain. So they are very smart. But they eat disgusting crap and smell like shit. So I think this is the group you are referring to.

    The Feather Indians, on the other hand, live on reservations, and generally subside on Government assistance or tax free Casino money. Even though most are really black and not real Feather Indians. Just like Elizabeth Warren, who is neither black, nor a Feather Indian. They can’t handle alcohol, but they are great with heights. The Feather Indians, not the blacks or Elizabeth Warren. Although they both might, for all I know. They are a downtrodden people, but they have more character and integrity than Elizabeth Warren, who claims to be a feather Indian, but is not.

    It is still subject to discussion if Redskins, Braves, Indian giver, and Cigar Store Indians are acceptable and politically correct. Saying them could get you scalped.

    Hope this clarifies the issues for you.
    Your Pal,

  9. Anonymous

    Two questions:
    1. How do we get Walt onto national TV? Or at least his own local cable show?
    2. Is it possible that Walt is to Christopher as Mother is to Norman Bates?

  10. The Duke of Deception

    Most of the Dot Indians the Duke knows run gas stations and convenience stores. NTTAWWT. Upward and onward.

    • So what does that tell you about them? They come over here, knowing no English, assume jobs in sectors that don’t require much English (convenience stores, taxis or in the case of the Patel clan, almost every small motel in America), and make a go of it by working 18 hours a day, seven days a week. The next generation will eat our own lazy children’s lunch.
      It also makes clear that America is still a land of opportunity despite regressives’ attempt to regulate ever facet of small businesses (are we really safer when cuticle trimmers need 600 hours of training, for instance?).
      And second, if they can succeed solely through hard work and determination and no special government handouts, while our native classes of poor remain mired in poverty for generation after generation despite billions of dollars spent on everything from free rent, free nursery school, free food and free medical care, is it possible – just possible, I say, that all of the efforts of liberal regressives to make the poor wards of the state only ensure that those people remain poor and their desire to achieve extinguished?

  11. Anonymous

    Sounds like the Duke needs to go back to work and gain a little more exposure to today’s corporate world Most of the Indians I know are well educated – doctors, computer science, business – positive contributors to American society and really nice. You can’t group a whole swath of people but just my own personal experience.

    Are you sure the gas station owners are not pakistani or some other nationality ? The network of convenience store owners/gas station owners are largely from Pakistani family networks? They too are

  12. Anonymous


    Most of the Indian families you’re speaking about are likely well educated English speaking and they tend to enter the US through either professional work visas or education visas. Entering the US legally is actually not easy and as a reault we have limited who can come on an have been aelective

    Don’t forget that India was an English colony up until not too long ago.

  13. Anonymous

    about say ” or chinese” then zhang kicks in