Slip and Slide approved for Byram

Greenwich has cut the $200,000 nose of the camel request for preliminary planning for a new public pool in Byram. First Selectman Peter Tesei has suggested an alternative:

Luck o' the Irish

Luck o’ the Irish

I, of course, have a similar suggestion to satisfy the clamor for a new ice rink over there as well:

hat's your mother out there on wing, eh?

That’s your mother out there on wing, eh?


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2 responses to “Slip and Slide approved for Byram

  1. Georgie

    Yes, of course, bring on the $7 million pool along with the subsidized yacht clubs and manicured lawns for a municipal run golf course.

    But why stop there? I want my Town government to offer me a fitness club, a whole holistic nutrition center…, there is just so much more my government could be doing for me.

    Oh, and of course its a given I also expect top rated sparkling schools, updated sewers and drainage, the most advanced equipment and training for fire and police personnel, high tech library, and beautiful playing fields, parks, and playgrounds.

    All at low and predictable taxes.

  2. FF

    Boy life is dark for you Georgie. It seems you enjoy the idea of self-denial. I suppose the warm comfort of the “realistic” scold gets you through these RTM meetings in an auditorium not fit for politicians, much less my kids. We should just say no! Always and forever! Off to Galt Gulch!