So, mandatory one year prison term?

Don't worry, bart, that's a Bryco being pointed at you!

Don’t worry, Bart, that’s a Bryco you’re pointing at you!

Teen arrested on NYC bus with two pistols, a Bryco 9mm and what looks to be a Smith & Wesson .22.

The S&W was stolen in Maryland, no word on the origin of the Bryco, but I suspect we’ll find out that the young man was not licensed to carry either. Why, there ought to be a law! Oh, wait a minute …

As an aside, while Smith & Wesson makes a nice gun, even in tiny calibers like the .22, a Bryco is a POS and poses more of a threat to its user than to any intended target. Best course of action here might have been to take the perp out to Fresh Fields Kills and make him fire until his Bryco exploded, with severe results.


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7 responses to “So, mandatory one year prison term?

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    Blazing Saddles was a very funny, very well written movie. Authored by the comedic Jew genius, Mel Brooks. Because of Political Correctness, that movie would never get made today. If it did, it would be so censored, it would totally SUCK.

    Huck Finn couldn’t get published today. All in the Family would never be on TV. Don Rickels and many other comedians would have no act. It is causing people to lose their sense of humor, to the extent they ever had one. So that is progress how, exactly?

    And what is more concerning, is the fact you can’t even question the Chosen One, because he is half black. If you do, you are accused of being a racist. Not only is that stupid, but it is down right dangerous, and undermines all this country was built on. So that is progress how, exactly?

    I don’t care if Barry is green, so long as he upholds the Constitution, instead of trying to dismantle it. The Commie bastard.

    What do you think? You white lilly assed, no talent hack.

    Your Pal,

  2. Wait, does he work for or is he related to Eric Holder ? This could have some impact on the outcome.

    • Anonymous

      Nah, the perp is named Coryse. He’s one of the 5% responsible for the 80%, and therefore a member of the protected class. He’ll probably get a little extra something on his EBT card.

  3. Robert

    Bryco Arms declared bankruptcy in 2003 as a result of losing a lawsuit filed in Oakland, California and which resulted in a jury award of a record $24 million judgment against Bryco Arms. The lawsuit stemmed from an injury to a then 7-year old boy named Brandon Maxfield received from a 20-year old family friend who was attempting to unload the 380 ACP version of the Bryco Arms Model 38. The gun discharged while the 20-year old was attempting to clear the chamber, the gun inadvertently pointed at Maxfield. The ensuing negligent discharge paralyzed Brandon Maxfield from the neck down. The plaintiffs claimed that due to a design defect, the gun had a cartridge feed problem, made evident when the safety was on and the user pulled back the slide to check the chamber or load a cartridge into the chamber. Rather than re-design the gun to correct the jamming problem, the design of the gun was altered to require that the safety be placed in the fire position when checking the chamber or chambering a cartridge, which hid the problem from the user.

  4. armonk

    Article states that he has 3 priors. If he doesn’t get the 1 year, who should?

  5. New Buyer

    Why are we assuming one year? I did not see the age of the kid in the article. So long as he is 16 or older he is sentenced as an adult. He illegally possessed loaded guns which is CPW 2, a violent felony, with jail time of 3.5-15. Because there are two counts of CPW2, he could technically get 7-30. Lucky for him, his priors are all misdemeanors, so he would not be sentenced as a predicate felon. You might find it interesting to note that, in New York, the Penal Code does not care if you have a license to carry in another state.