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Thursday wrap up

A bit of activity, listings are here.

8 Durkin Place

8 Durkin Place

8 Durkin Place, Riverside, sold for $1.2 million. I’ve written about this property several times, always approvingly, and my only disappointment is that I couldn’t find a buyer for it. Good location, great price.

5 Bridle Path, also Riverside, but waterfront, sold for $5.975 million. With almost no huffing and puffing, the guy who paid $5.599 for it just this past August managed to flip it at a nice profit. Well done.

12 Anjim, off lower Stanwich, asked $1.250 and has an accepted off after 43 days. Have we discussed the shortage of inventory lately?

961 North Street

961 North Street

961 North Street has decided to depart from normal industry practice and has raised, rather than lower its price even in the face of determined consumer rejection. Built in 2002 and priced back then for $7.995, without success, it’s floated on and off the market since then. Last year the owner apparently decided to give buyers exactly one year to step up at $5.695 before he jacked up the price. The year has come and gone and you missed your chance. What you could have bought yesterday for $5.695 will now set you back $5.995 – oh, foolish you for waiting!

And bringing up the rear, 516 Round Hill Road is back, renamed 518 Round Hill Road and with new broker, but with the same price that hadn’t attracted a buyer as of yesterday. This was a Patriot deal gone bad (redundant, I know), and after foreclosure it came on last year at $8.9 million, dropping to $8.3 this past September. The market showed a marked lack of interest so the owner blamed his broker, fired her and hired a new one. That should do the trick, don’t you think?


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I keep pointing this out, but one more time can’t hurt

Government studies Head Start. Conclusion: after 48 years and 180 billion dollars (!) it’s made “no appreciable difference” in student preparedness. Another study showed that after two years in Head Start the average student knew two more letters of than alphabet than peers who stayed home. Not the entire alphabet, mind you, two letters.



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Why does the Department of Homeland Defense require 7,000 assault rifles to kill deer?

HK43, Janet Napolitino's personal choice for Bambi slaying

HK43, Janet Napolitino’s personal choice for Bambi slaying

A reader has supplied the link to DHS’s order solicitation for 7,000 selective fire 5.64x45mm rifles which, for politicians’ and media moms’ purposes, means assault rifles.  One example, the civilian version of which is pictured here, is the Heckler & Koch HK33. Read all about it; having done so myself, I want one.

The scope of this contract is to provide a total of up to 7,000 5.56x45mm North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) personal defense weapons (PDW) throughout the life of this contract to numerous Department of Homeland Security components. … DHS and its components have a requirement for a 5.56x45mm NATO, select-fire firearm suitable for personal defense use in close quarters and/or when maximum concealment is required.

Oh, for personal defense?  And they are entitled to defend themselves with high capacity weapons while we are not? Why?

Why young women want AR-15s” offers an insight into personal self defense that might be useful to the debate (hint: they’re light – under 5 lbs., reasonably accurate, intimidating and carry plenty of bullets to account for misses and multiple bad guys) but really, when the DHS itself admits that there’s nothing better for that purpose than an assault rifle, do we really need further discussion? These guys are experts, remember, on everything!


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Open house Thursday – ho hum

I’ll go out, reluctantly, but there’s not much new material awaiting. A couple of houses I haven’t seen, more that I’ve already toured and a handful so overpriced that they can await inspection until next year, when perhaps their owners will have come to their senses. There’s one house on today that has been on the market since May of last year and hasn’t dropped its price a penny. I did see it last May and I, along with all potential buyers, concluded that it wasn’t worth what it was asking. While I admire people who stick to their guns (Charlton Heston, e.g.), owners who defy the market and insist that they, not the buyers, are right, provide amusement only: I can’t sell their house and I’m not going to try.



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Mission creep

"Vegetable oil on your snow shovel will prevent snow from sticking to the blade" Janet Napolitano, Secretary, Department of Homeland Security

“Vegetable oil on your snow shovel will prevent snow from sticking to the blade” Janet Napolitano, Secretary, Department of Homeland Security

Readers with long memory may recall that on September 11, 2001, muslim terrorists attacked our country and killed thousands of people. As part of our response to that attack, the federal government established what was called the “Department of Homeland Security” and billions were spent to secure our borders and protect us from further attacks.

Yesterday, Obama’s choice for the head of Homeland Security issued the following warning to her subjects, presumably to advance the safety of us all:

Tips for what to do during #winter storms and extreme cold #weather from @readydotgov:twitter.com/DHSgov/status/…

— Homeland Security (@DHSgov) January 23, 2013

During Winter Storms and Extreme Cold

– Stay indoors during the storm.

– Walk carefully on snow, icy, walkways.

– Avoid overexterion when shoveling snow. Overexertion can bring on a hear attack–a major cause of death in the winter. If you must shovel snow, stretch before going outside.

– Keep dry. Change wet clothing frequently to prevent a loss of body heat. Wet clothing loses all of its insulating value and transmits heat rapidly.

– Watch for signs of frostbite. These include loss of feeling and white or pale appearance in extremities such as fingers, toes, ear lobes, and the tip of the nose. If symptoms are detected, get medical help immediately.



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