Havemeyer price reductions

I’ve been out and about all morning and am headed out again – busy is good – but here are two price reductions that caught my eye.

5 North Ridge5 Northridge, reduced from $898,000 (September, 2012) to $829,000 today. Owners paid $685,000 for it in 2011 and seem to have added new windows and new mechanicals, which are good things to have. Small ranch: 2 large bedrooms, one “small”, which is usually a broom closet converted to sleeping quarters, but Northridge is a nice street and there’s not much available in this range.

81 Halsey, dropped to $949,000. Purchased for $975,000 in 2006. I’m guessing there’s still room to negotiate here.


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2 responses to “Havemeyer price reductions

  1. Rick

    Isn’t 5 Northridge right next to the foundation/hole in the ground on the corner of Havemeyer and Northridge that has been sitting there forever?

    Might just make it a tough sell at any price.