Phew! I was worried how little brother Gideon was going to keep the Jag rolling

No worries now, or, Doris gets her oats

No worries now, or, “Doris gets her oats”

Just when I feared he’d be hitting me up for gas money, Gid took a break from St. Barts and returned to town to sell 35 Sound Beach Avenue Extension for an even $500,000. Teardown.


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8 responses to “Phew! I was worried how little brother Gideon was going to keep the Jag rolling

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    St. Barthlemy heh? Thrifty boy that he is, any distant French relatives there to put him up during his stay? Wonder if Hollande’s punitive tax scheme is going to touch the island? It was a tax free enclave.

  2. anonymous

    There’s a Jag just like his for sale in the New Country Audi used car lot. I figure Gid traded that old guy car in for a snazzy Audi R8. He does needs an image makeover.

  3. Cos Cobber

    @Anonymous, You mean the one that sales “Repo Special!”

    Gids, is it true the Jag is gone?!

  4. Anonymous

    He does have that $12MM listing on Field Point Rd, juicy commission when that sells.

    • Oh, we all have hopes for Gideon, but it’s just so heartbreaking to see him out there delivering papers on his bicycle with chapped, cold little fingers and frozen ears – thank goodness he’s sold this cottage!

  5. ShedLessToolMan

    Does GIdeon ever update his blog? That thing is more outdated than most of the overpriced inventory in greenwich with the shag carpets, electric stoves and green marble counters…

    seriously, how hard is it for him to cut and paste stuff from your blog?