Riverside sale

28 Oval

28 Oval

28 Oval Avenue, $1.2 million. I liked this house and thought it was well priced at $1.3(ish) when it came on, but the market obviously disagreed, because it took over 200 days to find a buyer. There was certainly work to do here, and that’s probably why it didn’t sell quickly, but for, say, $250,000 you’d have a modern house with a good yard on a good street. I think the buyer did well.


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  1. D

    Agreed. Great to see some sanity in a nice Riverside location.

  2. Anonymous

    It would be a bit of a risk to put that much money into this house given the fact that the FAR only allows an additional 90sf. But agree with the sentiment. It seems like a fine, livable house on a good block and at a fair price for Riverside.

    I’m guessing that the Riverside bubble is not likely to pop anytime soon. The $3.4m price tag on the bramble/druid/hearthstone “golden Triangle” is likely not sustainable, but the $2m market is likely to remain strong.

    It would be interesting to see what would happen if 50% of the kids in Riverside school were rezoned/mandatory bussing to New Lebanon what would happen to all those $3m houses.

    • Anonymous

      All of these schools would probably be rated in the highest category if there were an economic/ racial mix in each. Greenwich is mostly upper middle class and the upper middle class and other strivers would keep the category of all schools high. It is not practical to bus that far at the elementary school level in any event.

  3. Reality of Riverside

    The primary reason for living in Riverside has got to be the schools. Take away the quality of the schools and all you’re left with is a patchwork of small, mundane, rather dreary houses with no yards and without being walkable to any desirable shops and restuarants.

    • Well it has nice people but you can certainly find those in Kansas, too.

    • GreenITCH

      I leave the house out of it and let others conclude the desirability … however according to this last GT article http://www.greenwichtime.com/news/article/Redistricting-still-a-racial-balance-option-4203859.php Riverside and OG will likely not be afected by redistricting . So keeping surperior schools in mind additional reasons to enjoy Riverside … water views with little risk of flooding , walk to train – cant hear it unless you back up the tracks .. walk into town ..nope not a lot of high end restaurants but i dont want them there anyway as they would only draw a lot of non residents into our neighborhoods , ride to the beach ( many in backcountry never been to Todds Point ) and largely has as many have pointed out a classic small town feel .. not as rough around edges as some areas nor have to look at collosal mega mansions, walk to Binney PArk or Perrot library

  4. Reality of Riverside

    There are definitely nice people there; but there are good folk in many areas. One thing is for certain, people are not paying the inflated prices for Riverside to live next to (and in many cases on top of) Florence Nightingale! As soon as the school zoning changes, there’s going to be an exodus. There’s nothing else of interest to keep people there. It’s so non-descript.

  5. polly pavel

    Did I miss something? Is there going to be school rezoning in Riverside?

    • D

      That’s a good question Polly. Anyone know history on potentially redrawing school district borders?

      • Anonymous

        No history here but my understanding is that Riverside School is one of the few racially balanced schools so why would kids need to be bussed out? I don’t have kids in the school system so my apologies if that’s a dumb question.

        • hmmm

          It’s not a dumb question in fact there ar no dumb questions when it comes to moronic politically motivated agendas

  6. InfoDiva

    The current racial imbalance in the Greenwich schools is not sustainable. Either the town does something about it, or a solution will be imposed from the outside.

    If nothing else, it will be interesting to watch the bubble burst.

    • As I say elsewhere, neighborhood schools will remain neighborhood schools as long as Greenwich controls its destiny. That’s not to discount the deep, abiding hatred and jealousy of Greenwich moldering in the black hearts of Democrats in the state but I really don’t think they have the political will, yet, to take on the affluent towns scattered about the state and destroy their schools.
      But never say never when it comes to Democrats.

      • Cos cobber

        Backcountry jealousy is raging here.

        • InfoDiva

          You betcha. We may not be able to do anything about it in the end, but it doesn’t mean we won’t make you miserable, and put the chill on your housing prices, in the process.

  7. Anon

    Reality of Riverside has a good point but there are other reasons to live in Riverside such as low taxes, walk to train station in many case, Perot library, Old Greenwich town, Binney Park and walking neighborhood. Having said that, having neighbors that close is annoying and having little property and space (FAR restrictions) stinks. The best Riverside locations are on the water but those homes are not for mere mortal WSJers.

  8. AJ

    Juste pour rire:
    ‘The Single Chart That Should Force The Fed Out Of Business’

  9. Anonymous

    Couldn’t disagree more… Awful, awful. We looked very closely at it a few times last year (for our family) and thought it was really small and kind of a dump, especially the faux bathroom in the second bedroom. We paid less than 100k more for a better house that needed zero improvements on better street south of putnam, north of RR, same school district. Tough house….

    • RW

      I completely agree with this assessment. This house is a complete dump and needs way more than 250k. I as actually surprised that people who live in the what is considered to be the nicest part of Greenwich (by many) and in the (edges) of the nicest part of Riverside (south of train, albeit barely) lived in, literally, such squalor.

  10. Anonymous

    Riverside School has not been cited by the state for racial imbalance or pending imbalance. It is also not been listed by the district as a school wherein projected enrollment is to decrease any time in the near future.

  11. Anon

    Reality of Riverside – I could not disagree with you more about Riverside/OG. While the schools are great and it is nice that kids can walk/ride bikes to school, the charm of living here is much more than just schools. It has an old fashioned, small town feel with easy access to NY. Near the water and close to tod’s point (arguably one of the finest parts of living in Greenwich). Some people actually like living in neighborhoods where they know the people on the street and kids can walk to each others houses.

  12. Reality of Riverside

    You wont recognize Riverside Schools one year from now. The bubble will burst and people who have paid crazy prices for postage stamp lots will be left high and dry – but they’ll have nice neighbors to sympathize with.

    • New in Town

      Reality in Riverside, your one year gloom and doom prediction is very interesting to me. Is it based on something specific? I feel like the number of home renovations in Riverside is a signal that things are humming along. Do you know something that I don’t? Care to share?

      • Renovations are, to my mind, a sign of what’s “wrong” with the market – “changed” would be a better term. The days of riding the escalator up, cashing out on the appreciation of the first house and using that cash plus more borrowed money to trade up to a bigger one are over for many people, who would now need to being cash to the closing table instead of taking it away.
        So folks are staying put and renovating. Good for builders and architects, bad for inventory (and agents).

  13. Anon

    Agents are so annoying. They collect 5-6% for just the right to use the MLS basically. They always say..oh we have professional photography…I have the best open houses..blah blah blah…the little club of agents in Greenwich chatting with each other about which client to screw will end in due time. Brokering will turn to the Net via Facebook or whatever and MLS will be a fixed reasonable rate or another independent site will give birth. Wait and see.

  14. RaisedinRiverside

    Cute house that needs work, but for 1.2 in that location it seems like a great buy. Re the idea of rezoning or kids getting forced to go to schools outside the neighborhood, take it easy Chicken Little — there is zero evidence that that will happen. The superintendent himself said so at the last Riverside meeting, not to mention Riverside isn’t on the list of racially imbalanced (or near imbalanced) schools.Obvi you have a chip on your shoulder about Riverside for some reason, but for those of us who actually Live here, it’s a great place to be.

    • Reality of Riverside

      Riverside has some wonderful residents, but the fact is that if you remove the schools from the list of factors people have to consider when buying in Greenwich, you’re left with nothing else compelling. Regardless of how nice the residents are, there are far more important factors to the buyer who is laying out 7 figures.That is the reality of Riverside.

  15. Anonymous

    1.2!!! Dang. Thats a shame.
    That area along Summit was all blue collar at one time.
    Its a shame to pay that kinda money for that kind of existence.

  16. Reality in Riverside's SatNav needs recalibration

    I am wondering if ‘Reality in Riverside’ has ever deviated from the main drags of Summit, Hendrie and Riverside Ave. Some amazing streets south of the tracks with large-enough lots, good dog-walking and still a neighborhood feel. There are also private roads with waterfront mansions at the end of them. We get coyote, deer, foxes, owls and hawks sited weekly. Good mix of families, lots of International feel esp. South American. Plenty of volunteers at the school, but wearing workout gear or jeans instead of high heels or riding gear. Sounds like ‘Reality’ needs to do a little more research or, actually, on second thought….keep on drivin’ back to wherever you are currently residing.

    • Reality of Riverside

      Not at all. You’re making the case for me. When people are looking around Greenwich at areas to live, at the top of their list of priorities will be the numbers of foxes sited. Half of your post focused on the school and that says everything you need to know about Riverside. Beyond the school there’s nothing to talk about other than……… foxes.

  17. FAFA

    Riverside has the Goodwill store, the annoying billboard when going into Riverside Lane, the train noise, I95 noise…but a walking neighborhood with nice nosey neighbors makes it all worth it.

  18. Stanwich

    Love the J House cougars……rare breed, extremely dangerous, difficult to keep caged.