I think I’ll go over to Stamford

If it saves the life of just one duck ...

If it saves the life of just one duck …

Greenwich and Stamford are both conducting weapon surrender days, but Greenwich police offer only a hearty handshake of congratulations while Stamford’s paying fifty bucks. Heck, I’ve got an inoperable black powder muzzleloader (no worries about a high capacity magazine here!) and a couple of shotguns rusted to junk from years banging around in duck blinds. Turn those in for cash and I’ll be able to afford a nice AK-47. Competition – gotta love it.

A word to anyone contemplating giving up an old gun: would you please ask someone knowledgable on the subject to look at it before you take it to headquarters? I recently struck up a conversation with a nice young cop at a Southport gunsmith’s and he told me it broke his heart to see some old, incredibly valuable guns brought in by widows of gun collectors. He had to consign them for melting and it struck him, and me, as a shame. So get an opinion on value first – you could be losing out on thousands of dollars and you’d be making a big tough police officer cry – you don’t want to do that, do you?


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27 responses to “I think I’ll go over to Stamford

  1. anon

    Where does the money come from to pay people $50 a pop? Petty cash? Donut fund? Pension raided?

  2. Just the Facts!

    Stamford’s money for guns comes from Federal grants. Apparently Greenwich was caught with their pants down while Stamford had already planned on securing federal grant money months in advance. That said, we at the Cos Cob Rifle and Revolver Club will be hosting the event with Coffee and donuts. So at least we will feed you at our expense while you let your constitutional rights slip away…..JTF!

  3. TheWizard

    A government collecting guns from its citizens. Voluntarily. For now.

    • Anon

      To your point, Rahm Emanuel has demanded that Illinois banks be prohibited from loaning money to gun manufacturers.

  4. GPD Folk

    GPD chose “not” to offer cash for the guns. It had nothing to do with federal grants planned months in advance or getting caught with our pants down.

  5. Anonymous

    Drive up to Bridgeport and get $75 for a rifle and $200 for handgun.

  6. Anonymous

    The GT article said Bridgeport was paying $75 per rifle. That’s about the going rate for a working AK in the Horn of Africa. They get less expensive toward Uganda. Volume discounts can bring the price down considerably.

  7. Fred2

    Agreed with Chris, if your gun is any good at all I’m pretty sure the local gun store would be *delighted* to take it off your hands for more than 50$.

    It makes gun people cry to see a pile of (mostly) junk guns getting destroyed after one of these stupid exercises and then see a beautiful old Rigby double rifle, a drilling, or some other valuable, rare or beautiful gun in the pile.
    (And for the gun control people 99.9999% of those are utterly useless for criminal activity. Too big, heavy, long, wierd old calibres…)

    AK’s in 3rd world countries: Cheap and worth what you paid for them. Your mileage may vary.

  8. Mark B.

    So the thought is that some gang-banger is going to look at his Glock, worth $700 on the street in five seconds, and think to himself, “Man, I’m gonna trade this in for a day’s worth of groceries, that’s what I’M gonna do…”
    The dumbasses up my way in upstate NY carry out this exercise in futility every several months or so.

  9. Just the Facts!

    GPD Folk, Your information is incorrect. Anyway, it’s more of a rebuke against Stamford PD trying to aggressively disarm the public by applying for Federal grants even before Newtown. JTF!

  10. AJ

    “Those who beat their swords into plowshares usually end up plowing for those who didn’t.
” – Ben Franklin

    • Sounds like a made-up quote to me, but I like it.

      • Anonymous

        “Many statements from the internet are not true.”
        – Abraham Lincoln

        • Walt

          Dude –
          Quotes? I love quotes!! Here are some of my favorites!!

          “Buying Greenwich Dirt is the safest investment on the planet. It’s a lock”. Chris “Dude” Fountain – 2005

          “I never liked Greenwich anyway”. All of Chris “Dude” Fountains buyers upon foreclosure – 2010

          “Cos Cob looks just like the rest of Greenwich”. Helen Keller – 1955

          “I agree with Helen Keller”. Stevie Wonder – 1992

          “Women are like popsicles. They sit on a stick and are best when licked”. Walt – today

          Have you been outside Dude? It’s colder than an Eskimo’s ass. It’s colder than a witches tit. It’s so cold my dog is shitting ice cubes!!
          Your Pal,

        • I think Abe cribbed that from Tom Jefferson.

  11. burningmadolf

    From a Hartford buy back:

    “Just like a scene out of “Antiques Roadshow,” a woman in Hartford, Conn., turned in an old rifle to her local police station’s gun buy-back, only to discover the gun was worth anywhere from $20,000 to $25,000. The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, inherited the gun from her father who had brought it home with him from Europe as a memento from World War II.

    The two officers conducting the gun buy-back, who are resident gun experts for the Hartford Police Department, informed the owner she was in possession of a Nazi Assault Rifle, the first of its kind, that dates back to 1944.

    The gun is called a Sturmgewehr 44, literally meaning “storm rifle,” and is the first “modern assault rifle ever made, eventually replaced by the AK 47 in 1947 by Russia, who copied the German design of the Sturmgewehr 44,” Officer Lewis Crabtree, one of the two officers who discovered the gun, told ABC News.”

  12. prosperityfollowsdynamite

    Since GPD Folk was in the room when this decision was made, I am curious to know who made the brilliant decision to collect “cases, holsters …and other dangerous weapons like swords” as well. Holsters? Really?(But just the black ones(you know, ASSAULT holsters) brown and tan are o.k.) And what are non-dangerous weapons? If any items are seized(because that is what this is: the CONDITIONING of the people to begin actual seizure) they will fall into two categories: 1. Junk. 2. Something of actual value- ie. a Model 21 Winchester or WWII katana brought in by a worried Greenwich widow who still reads the paper.
    What utter stupidity.

  13. GPD Folk

    Dynamite…this is not an exercise by The Greenwich Police Dept. to confiscate your weapons….the spirit behind the effort was to give those persons who have unwanted weapons, ammunition, swords, knives and yes even holsters a place to take them to get them out of the house. It is a public service being conducted by a well meaning Police Department. If you would like to make it into something different….be my guest.

    • I think it’s the blue helmets and black helicopters that have some people worried.

    • prosperityfollowsdynamite

      GPD Folk-
      My most humble apologies for a mere citizen like myself questioning the virtuosity of your endeavor. “A public service being conducted by a well meaning police department”: what Orwellian Newspeak! Do you hear yourself? If someone wants to get rid of these items why not just sell them to a dealer or give them away? Why destroy them? And if you actually read my post I did not accuse you or your department of confiscation but of conditioning. I actually felt that you might have some insight to share having been there.(Your posts in the past always seemed thought out and even handed.) But you chose to take it personally. How dare I.

  14. Just the Facts!

    GPD Folk, You might have been in the room but the set of circumstances prove otherwise. The decision was made to mimic Stamford and you and I know they did not have enough time to apply for Federal monies. Moreover, there is nothing in the Town budget for such activities either so my facts are sound. It might have appeared to be a decision made but the set of circumstances made the decision for the department….JTF!