Don’t blame the NRA, look north!

NY gun owners refusing to register their “assault weapons”.

Who could have inspired such civil disobedience? Turns out, Canadian gun owners led the way, defying their government when it tried to get rifle owners to register their weapons. The government has now given up.


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7 responses to “Don’t blame the NRA, look north!

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  3. It’s not just the civil disobedience that deep-sixed the gun registry, it was a complete and embarrassing lack of crime prevention. Not one crime was solved or prevented by the programme (spelled correctly in Canadian), despite billions of loonies (dollars CDN) and years of “data gathering.”

    The Conservatives pulled the plug on it a few years ago and crime predictably soared. (In Chicago.) Oh well, as Walt sez… liberal tuckfards Something like that..

  4. stedenko

    Caught with an un licensed gun? 10 years in Sing-Sing.

  5. Pinzgauer

    I think you got your answer as to why the DHS needs all this ammo and assault weaponry. It certainly is not to fight the Taliban.
    The Army cannot operate in the US ( although that’s probably just a minor Constitutional inconvenience).and I doubt that any Governor would order the National Guard to shoot his citizens whicj leaves pretty much the DHS to disarm the entire nation.
    Am I way off base here?

  6. Anonymous

    Walt is hilarious. Do you pay him or what? He rules FWIW. Some of your other contributors are also quite good like the Cobber, AJ, inaqua, libertarian, and peg who is from MN? But Walt keeps your blog going. You should pay him more. Walt, do you know how to tell if a girl is from Minnesota? She has blond hair, blue eyes and blue fingers.