Obama to AIDS patients: “Hey, you did it to yourself, now pay for it – die!”

Citizens for responsible behavior

Citizens for responsible behavior

Fresh from his victory over national health care, Obama and his fellow statists have now turned their attention to those whose own stupid behavior caused their illness. “Now that society’s paying for people’s care, society has the right to decide who deserves the people’s money”, Obama apologist Michael Bloomberg asserted at a news conference yesterday. Speaking from Bermuda and flanked by a phalanx of armed, personal security guards, Bloomberg elaborated: “What is unprotected sex except an invitation to get cooties? We’re supposed to pay for the sins of the faggots? I don’t think so, thank you very much, and my pal Barry doesn’t either. We pay the piper, we call the tune. Drive without a seatbelt? Bam! No soup for you! You wanna slurp your 32-oz friggin’ sugar water tub, you fat slob? Go ahead, but don’t expect Nanny Bloomberg to pay for your  new kidney – I warned you!”

White House spokesman Jay Carney denied that the president’s decision to double the cost of health insurance for smokers, fat people and all who engage in bad behavior was an attempt to set ObamKare premiums based on risk. “That’s what the evil insurance companies tried to do for years”, he explained. “ObamKare has eliminated that, so it is therefore impossible that we’re doing it too. We prefer to call it “behavior modification for the greater good of society”, and we’d appreciate you media types getting with it here.”

If 1 in 5 U.S. adults smoke, and 1 in 3 are obese, why not just get off their backs and let them go on with their (probably shortened) lives?

Because it’s not just about them, say some health economists, bioethicists and public health researchers.

“Your freedom is likely to be someone else’s harm,” said Daniel Callahan, senior research scholar at a bioethics think-tank, the Hastings Center.

Smoking has the most obvious impact. Studies have increasingly shown harm to nonsmokers who are unlucky enough to work or live around heavy smokers. And several studies have shown heart attacks and asthma attack rates fell in counties or cities that adopted big smoking bans.

“When you ban smoking in public places, you’re protecting everyone’s health, including and especially the nonsmoker,” said S. Jay Olshansky, a professor at the University of Illinois-Chicago’s School of Public Health.

[There is ] the burden to everyone else of paying for the diabetes care, heart surgeries and other medical expenses incurred by obese people, noted John Cawley, a health economist at Cornell University.

“If I’m obese, the health care costs are not totally borne by me. They’re borne by other people in my health insurance plan and – when I’m older – by Medicare,” Cawley said.


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38 responses to “Obama to AIDS patients: “Hey, you did it to yourself, now pay for it – die!”

  1. Peg

    What about all the people having unprotected sex overall, and more likely to contract various diseases? Or alcoholics and drug addicts? Will people who engage in risky sports be charged more? Their odds of injury are much higher.

    And I love the notion of shaming people who are fat – (despite the fact that it’s been shown to be unproductive)! Everything old is new again!

    Perhaps we can add in putting unwed pregnant women in stocks in public areas and citizens can throw stuff at ’em. After all; just think of the cost to society of children whose mothers need assistance! http://score.rims.k12.ca.us/score_lessons/colonial_court/html/colonial.html

    Boy – I’ll tell ya; sometimes those liberals really do come up with some barn burners of ideas, don’t they?

    • It’s all about control: health insurance, the millions of regulations covering every aspect of economic and personal behavior and “global warming”. Liberals are convinced that the world can be made better by better and more laws, just so long as it’s the liberals doing the improvement.
      Because they know more than the rest of us.

      • Peg

        Indeed, Chris. Imagine if conservative Republicans were in charge…. think they’d enjoy the government forcing us to “do the right thing” all the time? Heh heh heh. Your money quote:

        “Liberals are convinced that the world can be made better by better and more laws, JUST SO LONG AS ITS THE LIBERALS DOING THE IMPROVEMENT.”

  2. “We’re supposed to pay for the sins of the faggots?” Whose quote is this?

    • If it’s posted here it must have been said by whoever we say said it- made up quotes would never appear on THESE pages!

      • I just can’t find anywhere online that Bloomberg said this. When I put this quote directly into a google search, the only thing that comes up is this blog.

        • Walt

          Well you are as sharp as a q-tip. Now aren’t you?

        • Look, if it’s on the Internet it’s true, right? So if you found it on the Internet, even if only on this blog, he must have said it. Res ipsa loquitor, baby.

          • I guess I should respond CF with caveat lector. I must admit I thought higher of you and your blog before today. If either you or the very intelligent sounding Walt can prove Bloomberg said the things he said I would appreciate it. If not, like I said, let the reader here beware.

          • The blog is not intended for obtuse, humorless people – I suppose I could post a warning sign to that effect but heck, obtuse or not, surely you’ll figure that out and go elsewhere. Hint: when you see the word “cooties” attributed to Mayor Mike, you might want to ponder a bit. Just a suggestion, of course.

        • Walt

          Dude –
          I am pretty certain AJ has Bloombergs phone wire tapped, so get a copy of the tape and send it to bs numbnuts. To prove he said it.

          Anyhows, I am thinking I should become a “professional” dirt salesman. I mean, how hard can it be if you do it?

          Besides knowing how to drive, are there any other skills required? None that I can discern. I know how to put lipstick on a pig, so that should help, right?

          Do I need any sponsors to learn the secret handshake? How many? Two? I know I can count on you and the GAR Evil Princess. She would love to have me under her cruel, vile little thumb, and become one of her flaccid little flunkies. Just like you!!

          If I need more, can I count on that Commie Francis? Yeah right. What about Gid? I promise to stop making fun of his gay boy toy Jaguar if he does.

          Is there a test? Besides having to figure out 6% of any number? An Ethics Exam? Just screwing with you Dude!! That was a joke. The Ethics part, not the 6%. I know that’s important.

          How do you get clients? Do you meet them in your weekly group anger management sessions? Yeah, those are working out really well. Do you dress up in your clown suit and post pictures at bus stops? Do you go to the J, and talk up the Cougars who are looking for a romp in the hay, and all set to divorce their husbands in search of a new sugar daddy? I can do that!!

          Do you and Francis need a new partner? 80/10/10 split my favor? Can I work out of my car like you do?

          I am really excited about this Dude. I will be good at it. I have no problem cheating people.

          I will get you a draft business plan.
          Want to discuss over brunch?

          Your Pal,

        • AJ

          Walt, wire-tapping without a warrant is supposed to be illegal, but who needs it when you’re tapped into the collective consciousness, and when I say collective consciusness, I do not mean the collective, or hive (see: Sheldrake). This bsimonds fellow must be a Democrat, and I say that because Republicans are clueless and need to take direction from Fox news before Googling something whereas Democrats are just humorless, which is understandable because if they did have a sense of humor they would have figured out by now that the joke is on them. I see that his search took him around in one big circle ending back right where he started from whereupon he should have realized it was time to bite himself in the ass. PS: if you can’t reach all the way down there that’s what friends are for.

        • Westchesterer

          Hahahaha.. this is funny.

        • Walt

          You mean, let me understand this cause, ya know maybe it’s me, I’m a little fucked up maybe, but it’s funny how, you mean funny like a clown? We amuse you? We make you laugh, we are here to fuckin’ amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How are we funny?

          GoodFellas DUDE!! A classic flick!!

        • Walt

          Dude –
          You literary ignoramus. Tommy is in fact a psychopath. On that point you are correct. But this scene was not frightening. They used what is called a distancing effect. They want to distance Tommy in this scene from his psychotic core, and show he is capable of being a normal, fun loving guy.

          It was done to show that Tommy, while a psychopath, also had a very funny sense of humor. It was meant to be a paradox.

          I am using this technique a lot in the first draft of “Dirt Boy…Tales of a Greenwich Loser”.

          I am also using a lot of Leitwortstil, so losers like you and bsimonds get the point.

          You half wits.
          Your Pal,

  3. anonymous citizenette

    Oh, come on Komrads, we all know that some conditions are more worthy than others if a certain demographic tends to suffer from them. There will always be money for AIDS. Fat, beer-swilling right-wingers? Not so much.

  4. Peg

    CF – I believe you need to put up a manual for interpreting FWIW. Apparently some, like bsimonds, are not familiar with your modus operandi.

  5. AJ

    Before they banned it, you could take the train into the city on the smoking car or spend all night in a bar with cigarette smoke so thick you could cut it with a knife, and live to do it all over again the very next day. But spend ten minutes in a closed room with a running car, and you’re not coming out alive. When will Bloomberg ban cars from all five buroughs of NY and not just cigarettes from Central Park?

    The tragedy of penalizing smokers is that the poor ones will probably allow themselves and their families to go hungry before they cut back on smoking. The sad part is that the high cost of cigarettes is totally imposed by government, and if you could buy tax-free cigarettes, they’d still probably cost about twenty-five cents a pack.

    • Like the lottery, it’s a tax on the unfortunate and stupid. But it sounds so much better to say, “we’re fighting Big Tobacco” rather than, “we’re soaking the poor”.

      • AJ

        At least with the lottery you can win something like a free ticket or twenty bucks; all you get for your cigarette tax money is more grief. The government is a firm believer in biting the hand that feeds it: they do it all the time.

      • Rick

        Careful, Fudrucker may be listening.

        Remember, “We have to protect our phoney-baloney Jobs”.
        –Gov. P.J. Laptomaine, (Blzing Saddles)

      • TheWizard

        The lottery is an even bigger scam than most people think. As well as collecting all the ticket money (tax), they then keep half of the “winnings”.
        Let a private entrepreneur try setting up a scheme like that, he’ll be in jail faster than the guy who made the video that caused all those peaceful muslims to riot.
        Even a dumbass smoker like me can figure that one out.

        • stedenko

          True Wizard.
          When the mafia controled the numbers racket they paid better odds than the states do. Could never figure out how they could prosecute those people and then take over their buisiness model whilst ripping the players off even more.

  6. anon

    Some NYC-based black group (I don’t think it’s the NAACP) is fighting Bloomberg on the big gulp drink ban and if i had to bet, they’d also be opposed to closing restaurants in Harlem that are known for serving delicious foods that make some people fat…. Sylvias, Melba’s, Harlem Wing and Waffle. People smoke. People get fat. People drink. People get AIDS. Everyone will die at some point. As Peg said, Obama is all about shaming people – shaming the Republicans, shaming the pro-gun people, shaming the pro-life people. It’s how he operates.

    Who here is going to watch the Hillary-Obama Love Fest tonight on 60 Minutes? JRH, put your hand down, we know you are. I’m not.

  7. AJ

    Obama has now become a skeet shooting gun lover; I take it this is in the same vein as Obama the great opposer of the NDAA. From the NYT.

    ‘Gun Control Advocates Need to Listen to Gun Owners, Obama Says’

    “WASHINGTON – President Obama said that he and his guests go skeet shooting at Camp David “all the time” and that gun control advocates need “to do a little more listening” to understand why so many Americans are wary of government limits on firearms….”


  8. Heraclitus

    I guess we’ll all have to pay to play

  9. Otherwise known as Obamaville


    Camp David is a private membership, RV and Tent Retreat. The entire 16 acres is clothing optional which provides a natural environment for men to enjoy. The property is heavily wooded with three small lakes.

    • AJ

      Nice midi music, though I must admit, I’ve heard worse. A little short on photos, though there is a picture of an RV that I’m sure belongs to the guy
      who lives next door. Why, that bass-turd. I always new he was a little shit, but I wasn’t sure he was a little fishy-wishy until now.

  10. AJ

    A rare spectacle: a politician speaks the truth (push the closed caption, cc, button at the bottom of the Youtube window for english subtitles.

  11. Chickahominy Free Press

    According to Greenwich Patch, Hamilton Ave is going to double as 1970s DETROIT in a movie with Jennifer Anniston. Might not want to show houses there during the shoot!!!!

  12. AJ

    “Your freedom is likely to be someone else’s harm,” said Daniel Callahan, senior…

    I had to check the link to make sure this wasn’t another example of your sometimes farcical sense of humor and that someone would really say that. The “Your freedom is likely to be someone else’s harm” line — why don’t they say that to Wall Street — is the perfect picture of the next level of absurdity: the agenda couldn’t be summed up more succinctly. This takes an action, personal behavior, from where there is no victim, therefore no crime — certainly, never fully practiced — to a status of ANY freedom is at a cost to society and everyone is a victim if for no other reason than of sending the wrong message (or exhaling CO2) which might lead to wrongful thinking thereby leaving no stone unturned in even the smallest of your private affairs, and everything subject to review by the politburo. It is a first step toward a thought police and thought crime.

    “Your freedom is likely to be someone else’s harm” is a slogan I expect to soon see become more popular as a backdrop on TV news. I expect to see it emblazoned on a banner like “Mission Accomplished”, soon to be hung from the barbed wire enclosing every FEMA camp salvation center. I think it’s even better than the old tried-and-true, “Remember filing your income tax is voluntary.” Boy, did they ever get a lot of milage out of that one.

  13. Central Gwich

    I agree that health care, like all other industries, works more efficiently and creates more positive outcomes for all stakeholders with less gov’t intrusion. Adults should be allowed to make the decision to receive what works best for them and should not be obligated to cover for “free riders.” If insurance plans on the free market offer more competitive coverage and claim pricing by excluding reimbursement for cosmetic procedures, weight and lifestyle related illnesses, and STD’s that is certainly their right and it may well be a net-net win for both the industry and the patient.

    That said, and with the caveat that I for the most part I enjoy your humor, some verbiage here may be a little mean-spirited. I know that you’re a good guy and it’s all in fun, but we should be more mindful about the impact of our usage, especially in print, of such highly derogatory terms. With gay family members, the use of the “F*g” word is a bridge too far. As a professional who represents prospective real estate buyers, I’m sure you understand the imperative of creating positive and strong relationships. If we use such divisive word choices like the previously mentioned (almost analogous to the “n-word”), we may seem inconsiderate.

  14. Libertarian Advocate

    Could never figure out how they could prosecute those people and then take over their buisiness [sic] model whilst ripping the players off even more.

    Simple, it’s for the Children