“Million Mom March on Washington” doesn’t add up

1,000 angry mothers descend on Washington to demand gun ban.


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10 responses to ““Million Mom March on Washington” doesn’t add up

  1. anon

    yet, the pro-life march in washington came close to a half-million people but nary a network decided that was worthy. this event will get played as if the number in attendance was five million.

  2. Mark B.

    Those are some angry mothers…

  3. Anonymous Citizenette

    “Nearly 1,000” – what bullshit. Yet hardly any mention in the media of the Right to Life march of “nearly 500,000” the day before. Just one more example of how our main-stream media actually makes the news….if they don’t report it, it didn’t happen.

  4. TheWizard

    It works if you use liberal-math.

  5. Libertarian Advocate

    Entirely in keeping with longstanding Washington tradition where NOTHING adds up.

  6. Anonymous

    There were a lot more people at the Apple Store.

  7. RL

    Everyone needs to read this story, Chris you might want to expand on this one. Sandy-Hook Hoax Falling Apart

    • Anonymous

      Have you read the Matt Bracken books? Matt’s a smart guy, UVA historian, and spent his time after college with one of the Teams, IIRC, Seal Team 1. The EFAD trilogy is very good.

      Agree with you, that the official Sandy Hook narrative is bunk. Sounds like with your experience, you know how well a Medical Examiner could differentiate between 9mm and 5.56 wounds. No public report on shell casings recovered at the scene. Scary, shocking, unhappy stuff.

  8. RL

    sorry: read this story