No, I didn’t post this

From a disgruntled Craig’s List viewer:

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 10.16.34 AM


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4 responses to “No, I didn’t post this

  1. Atticus

    Europe already in recession, England enters triple dip:

    Many believe that inflation is counted as growth in the US.

  2. ShedLessToolMan

    do they have a WAR? Woodstock Association of Realtors..

    If so, does this violate anything? if not, they should form this association.. would be cool to be the president of WAR!

  3. Westchesterer

    They have a separate section just for listings by brokers. Have you ever heard of a referral via craigslist? It seems reasonable that one might put rentals on craigslist, but I’m not sure how much it can benefit the million plus range. I guess I don’t know much about it. Some agents might have an easier time in a different area of craigslist, if they’re looking to close a deal.