Revenge of the GAR Evil Princess?

The annual meeting of the Greenwich Association of Realtors is scheduled for this morning and while I wasn’t intending to attend, I notice this change in the bylaws that, while it seems to exclude from its provisions written abuse, would appear to be directed at anyone who says cruel things to them. I may stop by just to see if they’re talking about FWIW.

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 4.59.00 PM


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11 responses to “Revenge of the GAR Evil Princess?

  1. anon

    seems to me this is the pot calling the kettle african-american. the gar needs to have a code of ethics on themselves – violations should happen for how they report days on market, how they price a house, how they don’t bother to photograph a house, and so on and so on.

    • But the very people who do that write the rules, so don’t hold your breath.

      • anon

        maybe you should start your own greenwich association of realtors – but you’d have to change the name, so with a nod to Walt, how about calling it the Greenwich Association of Dirt Sellers. And when you have a website, it can be called EGADS!🙂

  2. Anonymous

    You should be concerned, seem to be sufficiently ambiguously worded to allow anybody to be kicked off.

    • Well they define the term “harassment” as “verbal or physical abuse”. Whether that’s poor draftsmanship or an intentional decision to exclude words written on a blog may be determined later but I’m confident of winning the first round.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    If you are going to the meeting, can you get clarification on what “unwelcome sexual advances” means?

    No more humping on the kitchen counter tops during open houses? No more diddling on house tours?

    Are they trying to take all the fun out of selling dirt?

    Say hello to the Evil Princess for me, and ask her if she will be my sponsor. I will finger bang her is she does.

    Your Pal,

  4. anonymous

    Curious if it’s directed at you that it is limited to verbal and physical excluding written. Maybe they’re just stoopid.

  5. dogwalker

    “strikes, shoves, and kicks”? I didn’t realize the world of real estate was so uncivil.

  6. Riverslide

    Sure seems broad enough to include your website. “Any… conduct.. interfering with an individual’s work performance by creating an… intimidating or offensive work environment.” This thing isn’t limited to the spoken word or physical contact.

    • Well I’m never in their office – ever – so I can’t affect their workplace environment in any fashion. And I’d still argue that the definition of harassment limits itself to verbal or physical conduct, so I’m clear there too. I did learn, however, that there are agents who go down to the GAR office and pick on the employees and that this amendment may be aimed at them. Good. Picking on people who can’t retaliate is the lowest form of human behavior.

  7. Central Gwich

    You should have nothing to worry about. Your comments are always accurate, honest, and above board. If your opinion, and only that – calls to the carpet absurdly high ask prices that the market has already proven excessive – riles up the GAR matrons that is their burden to bear.