Somebody set us up the bomb

What you say?

What you say?

Malaysia’s High Yield Real Yields Mean Flows Top Peers



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2 responses to “Somebody set us up the bomb

  1. Westchesterer

    The trade deficit is killing this economy. 600 billion, 4% of GDP, outflows every year (it peaked at over 750b in 2006). If you look at the deterioration of trade balance in the last decade it will tell you what’s happening. Asia is setting up to become a power and capital hub. These goons in Washington are driving us off the cliff. It was fun to make fun of them until the problems they caused became serious. Their actions don’t seem as funny anymore. The economy has not improved, and won’t, until the trade imbalance is solved. If that means a trade war, yes. We’re currently in a trade war and we’re losing miserably. Don’t let those goons scare you into believing that a trade war, at this point, is not desirable. What isn’t desirable is the current trade war.

    If the bond bubble pops, which may be inevitable, we will be wishing that it was 2008. We had a chance to eliminate the inefficiencies, and we failed. The only good thing we have going is cheap natural gas, and they want to stop that.

  2. sunbeam43

    I cannot take the BS any longer! Alllllmost time to move to a deserted island ……. or Texas! I know….big difference! Tee hee!