What the hell did they think the election was about?

It's just not fair!

It’s just not fair!

Republicans whine that Obama’s being mean and won’t listen.

WSJ: President Barack Obama’s most recent nominations and appointments show that he is assembling a muscular senior team of trusted allies to carry out his second-term plans, without concern for Republican sensitivities, some GOP officials say.

And they’re just discovering this? On Friday Peggy Noonan pointed out that Obama means to change the country and crush the GOP, and cited several examples of how the effete  lapdogs of the Republican Party refuse to acknowledge this and fight back and instead have rolled on their backs and stuck their furry paws in the air, begging for treats.

Lesson two came from Republicans on Capitol Hill. Conservatives on the ground are angry with them after the Benghazi hearings. Members of the Senate and the House have huffed and puffed for months: “It’s worse than Watergate, Americans died.” Just wait till they question the secretary of state, they’ll get to the bottom of it.

Wednesday they questioned Hillary Clinton. It was a dud.

The senators weren’t organized or focused, they didn’t coordinate questions, follow up, have any coherent or discernible strategy. The only senator who really tried to bore in was Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, who asked a pointed question that was never answered: If you wanted to find out what happened when the consulate was attacked, why didn’t you pick up the phone the next day and call those who’d been there? John McCain made a spirited, scattered speech—really, it was just like him—that couldn’t find the energy to end in serious questions.

Why can’t Republicans fight? How has the party managed to elect a coterie of country club weaklings who sniff about hurt feelings and do … nothing? There was a great suggestion not long ago, when Al Franken was wavering on an assault weapon bill, trying to gauge the damage he’d do to his base by opposing one vs. the anger of rural voters who’d as soon shoot him as a nuisance deer in the garden:  start a (phony) grass roots movement, “Citizens for Sane Gun Laws” or some such nonsense, collect a million signatures on a petition and present it to Al in the full glare of media klieg lights. Force the issue, force him to choose a side, rather than a waffle. That’s great theatre and great strategy – something David Axelrod would dream up for his party. My guess is that the Republicans will try to blackball him from the golf club instead.


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  1. anon

    I blame Boehner and Preibus. Two of the all-time worst faces of the GOP. Bobby Jindal calling the party names didn’t help. Steve Kroft having a threesome last night with Barack and Hillary was the icing on the cake that the Republican Party is over. No more elephants in the room. They get what they deserve for being wusses.

  2. Inagua

    There is no viable Opposition Party in America. The Republicans are merely Government Lite, and the Libertarians get only 1% of the vote.

    Remember the last Government Lite Administration gave us two unnecessary wars, No Child Left Behind, the Ownership Society of no-money down home buying courtesy of HUD, TARP, Auto Loans, a stimulus, a prescription drug benefit, Homeland Security, the TSA, funny lightbulbs, and the formal finding that plant food is a pollutant.

    You ask why Republicans don’t fight? Because there is very little philosophically to fight about. The political competition is about power, not policy. Which is why the Government Lite Party felt free to nominate for President a guy who had instituted at the state level the prototype of ObamaCare.

    • Agreed. Starting with Nixon: wage and price controls, EPA., we’ve seen an unbroken line of Republicans interested in maintaining and expanding the power of central government- they claim they’ll temper that growth with “Republican principles” but there are no such principles.

      • Inagua

        There was one small victory for personal freedom under Reagan. He lowered the top marginal tax rate from 70% to 28%. And it is still just under 40%.

    • AJ

      The Libertarians need a new name: they sound like a bunch of Liberal librarians. Women’s lib? Chicks with thick glasses?

      • I always thought the name evoked “libertine”, which at least sounds more interesting.

        • AJ

          Well, that might be even worse, not because of the meaning, which is generally pejorative, but because it’s a word that’s not used often, at least I seldom see it used, and you have to remember twenty-one to twenty-three percent of the adult US population is illiterate and can’t derive meaning from a text.

          Even though liberty is an abstract word, I think most people would have no trouble in understanding the idea or name of a Liberty Party or Liberty movement, and if not, that’s what speeches are for. But you’re right about interesting. I think that’s probably what most people are looking for at your favorite cougar hot spot — J’s?

    • stedenko

      “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”
      H. L. Mencken, 1918

  3. Chris you are awake !
    R.I.N.O is the new right of center.
    WHINEO is the new center/norm, invented as a synthetic turf grass movement her in CT with Greenwich as the dulling beacon of less hope.
    Look at what is going on tonight a beg for 100k to “study silting at Binney”.
    All they need to do is read the comments I made at IWWA for last dredge. Solution was silt trap, rejected because of cost….100k. !
    Time to take on the WHINEos or just sit back with wine at the clubs ?

    • They promised silt traps the last time they dredged and then, as you note, failed to install them because of “cost considerations”. So now the far greater cost of yet another dredging has landed and they want to spend $100,000 to be told what they knew, and were told, 15 years ago? Throw them all out and sell the parks to a private company.

  4. sunbeam43

    As much as I do not have a fondness for Ms. Noonan, she hit the ball out of the park with this article!!!!

  5. Just the Facts!

    Agree Mr. Alexander….there are no conservatives left in DC or Hartford. They have become career politicians bent on negotiation and compromise. Core principles and fundamental Constitutional rights are not negotiable. Definitely time for an overhaul….JTF!

  6. Balzac

    The Repubs need some spine, for sure.
    But a big part of the problem with today’s politics is this: we are a 52-48 country, often leaning democrat. But the media, who provides the raw information for our political views, is 95-5 deep liberal.
    There’s no simple remedy for this serious illness. But a remedy would start with resisting….ignoring….and often simply laughing at, the major media.

  7. RL

    The writing is on the wall. People are sick of the greed and corruption in our government. A government that does whatever it pleases today, not The will of the people. These people get elected and then seem to forget where they come from or who they serve. Billions and billions of American taxpayers dollars wasted overseas every year to support other nations that want to kill us or have no use for us. We continue to support the arabs and their oil industry instead of drilling our own and putting our own people to work because of a bunch of whining tree huggers.

    We run up nation debt in the name of saving the economy in what turns out to be nothing more than bailing out failing businesses that are paying off corporate executives huge elaborate retirement packages for failing at their jobs in the first place. What in the hell do we expect ? We continue to sit patiently and wait for it to get better day in and day out as our government prepares for a total collapse of our economy and our monetary system.

    An all out assault on our Second Amendment Rights starts. Mostly from bullshit media hype spread by so-called assault weapons used in crimes thou FBI statistics clearly show otherwise. Lies are formed and told and pumped thru the socialist liberal media to brainwash people that GUNS ARE EVIL. When statistics clearly show the states that have passed concealed carry have reduced their crimes rates repeatedly. Our Homeland Security office starts to stockpile large amounts of guns and billions of rounds of ammunition.

    People are buying guns and ammo faster than stores can stock it or companies can make it. I like many others have lost faith in the Republican party. I have always been a registered Republican, but I have always voted for the best individual. (So at times for a Democrat) . Look at the backgrounds of the persons that have done the shootings in the horrible multi-murder crime sprees. Political affiliations included. These weren’t NRA members or conservatives out to make a statement for the Second Amendment. Just the opposite.

    Things are quickly coming to a head. This nation is in deep trouble. Our elected leaders in Washington have failed us not just recently, but for years by not keeping the checks and balances in place. We the People have failed by allowing it to get to this point.Simply voting them out and playing the same game again is getting old and stagnant. There are wolves that are hell bent on destroying this nation, not just the Republican part and it is time for the sheepdogs to go to work or lose the herd forever.

  8. Balzac

    On the topic of our silly media: today’s breaking news…..urgent important information…..deeply significant…..is (hold your breath)… Obama and Hilary Clinton…are………FRIENDS!

    (being broadcast on CNN this moment)

    Don’t you feel better now? No need to worry about that debt thingie…..millions/billions/trillions….math is so hard……what is government bankruptcy anyway?

    Just so long as Hil and Bam are cuddly…….I feel safe now…….
    Can we get back to gun control, gay marriage and abortion? Pleeeez….

  9. Libertarian Advocate

    Michelle Malkin pegged it a few years ago with her book Culture of Corruption, but limited her opprobrium to the Demoncrats. Then, last Friday night, Sean Hannity, in conjunction with Brietbart.com/Big Government, basically declared war on Washington, D.C. with his airing of “Boomtown.” To me, the material itself was less surprising than the fact that FOX News even aired it. There’s a new front in the info wars now.

    If Hannity follows through as he promised to, there’s going to be a whole lot of very uncomfortable politicians of both stripes out there wondering just when O’Keefe or some other Breitbarter is going to dig up their corrupt little deal. Personally, I’d love to see just how very well [Up]Chuck Schumer’s family has done down in the snake pit.