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Why won’t he take credit for a recovering economy?

The ol' skeet shooter heads out for a little border patrolling

The ol’ skeet shooter heads out for a little border patrolling

Illegal aliens numbers soar as US economy improves and workers return. Possibly because it’s embarrassed this news broke the very day that Obummer flew his solar-powered jet to Las Vegas to announce his new amnesty law, the administration chose to spin it another way:

In his first term Mr. Obama said he had fortified the border so much that it could now be deemed secure, and Congress could turn its attention to passing an overhaul of the broader immigration system.

On the way to Las Vegas, White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters Tuesday that the [increased] apprehension numbers are a good sign.

See, our borders are tight now, and this just proves we’re getting better every day.

Uh huh.


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Amanda Wheeler, pudding and pie

First date from Hell

First date from Hell

Kissed the boys and made them sigh. When the cops came by to play, Amanda Wheeler ran away.

But she needn’t have bothered – this happened in England, after all.

A mother who molested three boys after  consuming enough alcohol to ‘knock out a bull elephant’ walked free from court today.

Amanda Wheeler, 31, downed vodka, beer and wine at a friend’s birthday party before kissing and groping a 12-year-old boy on a bench.

She then performed a lap-dance and straddled a group of teenage boys.

The part-time cleaner also bit a 13-year-old boy on his neck and persuaded him to perform a sex act on her.

The mother-of-three denied four counts of sexual activity with a child and one of sexual assault but was found guilty following a two-week trial [WTF?! – Ed] in October at Worcester Crown Court.

Today, Judge Patrick Thomas QC said he did not believe the incident on November 29, 2011, ‘arose out of paedophilia’ but was a ‘one-off’.


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Okay, it IS France, but still, how pathetic

Come and eat our cheese!

Come and eat our cheese!

Due to the entire French army’s inability to roust a mere handful of al Qaeda fighters from Mali, Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Hussein planning to add US military aid to the effort. Next time you read some complaint that the US spends more on its military than all of “civilized” Europe combined, reflect on this – those countries spend no money on their armies and there is thus no longer any military force representing western interests except for us. That doesn’t necessarily justify our joining yet another ground war far across the sea, but I do grow tired of hearing how advanced Europe is for not spending on its own defense.

For those who’d like to read more on the demise of the French military, I recommend “Why France Can’t Fight”.


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Paul Krugman: so just mint up a trillion-dollar coin and deposit it

Perfect! With no crops to place in it, there is now room for the platinum coin!

Perfect! With no crops to place in it, there is now room for the platinum coin!

That’s what the Nobel Prize winning economist recommended for the United State’s debt problem, so presumably he’ll guide other countries the same way. For instance, Zimbabwe announced today that despite driving whites from the land and confiscating their farms and businesses, they have just $217 in the bank. Now where’s that mint?


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Coming to America? Hell, it’s already here

"We took it from the neighbors because YOU deserve it more!"

“We took it from the neighbors because YOU deserve it more!”

English couple, 18, 21 and baby, living on welfare and say it’s their right, as indeed it is. (Note to skeptics: Neither the editors of FWIW nor Monty Python staff writers played any role in reporting this story).

A young couple who receive more than £17,000 a year in benefits appeared on ITV’s This Morning to defend their taxpayer-funded lifestyle.

Danny Creamer, 21, and Gina Allen, 18, who live in a comfortable two-bedroom flat in Portsmouth  with their four month old daughter, Talulah Rose, say they are better off on £17k benefits and argue that unless they are able to find jobs that pay £18,000 a year or more, there’s no point in working.

Although neither have any qualifications, Danny, who has also worked as a shelf stacker in the past, says he is now looking for a job – although says he won’t accept any old role.

‘What is the point [of a minimum wage job]? You know, I’m not going to go to work to be worse off.’ he argued.

Gina added: ‘The main problem is is that the cost of living is going up so much but the wages are just the same. But people still expect you to live on the minimum wage – I don’t think that’s right.’

Danny added: ‘We can’t be scroungers because the Government wouldn’t give us the money or pay towards our living expenses if we didn’t need it.’

It makes perfect economic sense from these dreadful people’s point of view, and the philosophy expressed by Danny, “we have a need and therefore others have an obligation to meet that need” is the same lesson taught in our schools and preached by Democrats, from the president on down to the lowliest, welfare mooching NEA member.


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Feinstein: we just want to register cats, not exterminate them


Counting the days

Counting the days

After a study showing that cats in the United States kill billions of birds and billions upon billions of small mammals  each year, California’s feisty fat senator demanded the immediate registration of all assault cats, but denied any immediate plan to kill them. “That’s New Zealand,” she scoffed – register, then kill. My plan’s different because we just want to know where the fuzzy little fur balls are – when their owners die, of course, well ….”. (H/T to reader Bsimonds, official FWIW quote-checker)

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Accepted offer

50 Hillcrest Park Rd

50 Hillcrest Park Rd

50 Hillcrest Park, $2.699 million. I liked the house itself – it has a ton of space, all usable, in a well thought out design, and a great walk-out basement with even more room, but it’s built on a cliff so there is no – none, zero, nada – backyard. A nice front yard, yes, and a (very) small, inviting pool where there might otherwise be a scrap of a backyard, but if the Texan was all hat and no cattle, this was all house and no lawn.

That was obviously not a problem for the current owners, who paid $2.885 million for this when it was new in 2004, and not for whoever is buying it now. Not everyone wants a play yard.

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Sales reported

Three more.

While "I'm old fashioned" tinkles from the player piano in the drawing room.

While “I’m old fashioned” tinkles from the player piano in the drawing room.

37 Meadow Wood Drive, Belle Haven peninsula / I-95 corridor, $4.8 million. Sold for $5.950 in 2002, but only $4.0 in 2004, so $4.8 would seem to indicate a climb from the bottom.

30 Lismore Lane

30 Lismore Lane

30 Lismore, off Round Hill Road, $2.350 million. I would estimate its land value as about this much, so someone got a free house on this deal.

53 Locust Street, condos, units A and B, $1.235 apiece. Another bad Patriot Bank loan, these asked $2.195 each in 2005 but didn’t get it, and Patriot sold them off. You numbers guys can figure out whether these work as investments, but I’d estimate rents of $5500 – $6,000 per unit?

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Accepted offer and a new listing

Just time to report on the small amount of activity reported this morning before I head off to Belle Haven to check out Gideon’s $12 million listing – or I will if I can get past the gates.

41 Deepwoods

41 Deepwoods

41 Deepwoods (Old Greenwich, across from Perot Library) has an accepted offer after 475 days on the market. Last asking price was $1.895 million. I showed it way back in 2010 at $2.395 million but neither my buyers nor I saw much value at that level. You might not think knocking $500,000 off a home’s price would affect a buyer’s decision but surprisingly often, it does. Go figure.

wop wop wop wop wop

wop wop wop wop wop

Six Guinea Road is back up for sale, “renovated” and priced at $2.950 million. It sold for $2.085 in 2010 after starting at $3.7 in 2007. I thought the house was rather tired back in those days, which probably explains its lengthy snooze on the market. If so, then the 2012 renovations may help in that regard. Of course, there’s still the street’s name to deal with.


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So deal with it


Global warmist alarmist Dereck Jeter's Florida cottage

Global warmist alarmist Dereck Jeter’s Florida cottage

Global warmists say we’re headed for Alabama summers in Connecticut’s spring.

In his inaugural address last Monday, President Obamamade climate change a priority of his second term. It might be too late.

Within the lifetimes of today’s children, scientists say, the climate could reach a state unknown in civilization.

In that time, global carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels are on track to exceed the limits that scientists believe could prevent catastrophic warming. CO{-2} levels are higher than they have been in 15 million years.

The Arctic, melting rapidly and probably irreversibly, has reached a state that the Vikings would not recognize.

“We are poised right at the edge of some very major changes on Earth,” said Anthony Barnosky, a UC Berkeley professor of biology who studies the interaction of climate change with population growth and land use. “We really are a geological force that’s changing the planet.”

The Arctic melt is occurring as the planet is just 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit (0.8 degree Celsius) warmer than it was in preindustrial times.

At current trends, the Earth could warm by 4 degrees Celsius in 50 years, according to a November World Bankreport.

The coolest summer months would be much warmer than today’s hottest summer months, the report said. “The last time Earth was 4 degrees warmer than it is now was about 14 million years ago,” Barnosky said.

Experts said it is technically feasible to halt such changes by nearly ending the use of fossil fuels. It would require a wholesale shift to renewable fuels that the United States, let alone China and other developing countries, appears unlikely to make, given that many Americans do not believe humans are changing the climate.

Let’s assume that the warmists are right, that it’s human conduct that is causing the latest warm cycle in earth’s 6 billion year existence – what are we going to do about it? The “scientists” say that only “a wholesale shift to renewable fuels” by the entire world will prevent warming. That’s. Not. Going. To. Happen. Really: India and China are not going to shut down their economies and consign their billions of citizens to poverty just to gain Barbara Streisand’s approval. If they tried, governments would topple and fossil fuels would continue to burn. So it’s useless to turn California back into an empty desert (at least for global warming prevention purposes – there are many sound reasons for doing that anyway), no matter how much greenists want to live in Eden. The earth’s getting warmer and scientists say that the process is irreversible unless we all switch to propeller beanies right now. Well then the earth’s going to get warmer, because that switch isn’t going to happen. If we’re worried about wet feet we should start retreating from the coastline – move infrastructure higher, build new houses 25′ above mean high water, and so forth.

Of course, none of this kefuffle is about global warming – if it were, we’d be discussing adjustment to the fact of a warmer climate rather than imposing pathetically inadequate government dictates to forestall it. This is about control of citizens by a central government, nothing more, nothing less.


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