Accepted offer and a new listing

Just time to report on the small amount of activity reported this morning before I head off to Belle Haven to check out Gideon’s $12 million listing – or I will if I can get past the gates.

41 Deepwoods

41 Deepwoods

41 Deepwoods (Old Greenwich, across from Perot Library) has an accepted offer after 475 days on the market. Last asking price was $1.895 million. I showed it way back in 2010 at $2.395 million but neither my buyers nor I saw much value at that level. You might not think knocking $500,000 off a home’s price would affect a buyer’s decision but surprisingly often, it does. Go figure.

wop wop wop wop wop

wop wop wop wop wop

Six Guinea Road is back up for sale, “renovated” and priced at $2.950 million. It sold for $2.085 in 2010 after starting at $3.7 in 2007. I thought the house was rather tired back in those days, which probably explains its lengthy snooze on the market. If so, then the 2012 renovations may help in that regard. Of course, there’s still the street’s name to deal with.


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34 responses to “Accepted offer and a new listing

  1. Stanwich

    Really?!…..”wop wop wop wop…”
    You’re an idiot. Truly an ass. Between your ethnically charged comments and position on guns, I am not sure why I still tune in to you anymore.

  2. Anonymous

    Guinea Road is a beautiful location. Very few houses in Greenwich on that street though. Most are in Stamford. The most breathtaking house is at the North corner of Guineau and Stanwich – not for sale and very expensive in any event.

  3. Greenwich Mom, M&P

    Really Stanwich?? I can never tell if you are serious or just being sarcastic! I actually thought the helicopter pic & line was one of CF’s better jokes. Of course, it took me a second to get it! Slim pickins, these days. Keep em coming, CF. We will keep tuning in.

  4. ShedLessToolMan

    they call me shedless.. in this case, I am clueless.. please fill me in on the helicopter thing? and also why the guy is upset about wop wop wop.. that all went over my head.. anyway, what neighborhood is 6 guinea road? is that cos cob or central greenwich? I know some guy got really mad about the difference the other day, people are really sensitive.. like when you think somebody is Australian and they are from the UK.. geez..

  5. Walt

    Dude –
    I always thought Guinea Road was in Stamford. Isn’t it right off of Pollack Drive, right between Wet Back Road and Mao Mao Lane? Near Jap Pond Drive? Close to Paki Way? Abutting Mick Lane?

    Or maybe I am mistaken. Is it near Hooker Drive? Whore Lane? Dingleberry Drive? Midget Terrace? Now I am lost!

    Your Pal,

  6. ShedLessToolMan

    OK, after the Walt comment.. I put 2 and 2 together.. and got guinea and wop wop… man, I am slow.. I can spot a fox but, that riverside school system really held me back in the wit department..

  7. Anonymous

    What do you call a Cos Cob native?


  8. Stanwich

    Guinea Road connects Stanwich Road to Stamford, about 1/2 mile south of the Merritt. The house at the corner there is indeed very nice.

  9. Anonymous

    Why do Italian men have moustaches?
    So they can look like their mothers!

  10. Libertarian Advocate

    How does a properly tuned Italian sports car sound as the driver changes gears?

    WOP guinea, guinea, W O P, guinea, guinea, W O P, guinea, guinea, W O P, guinea, guinea, W O P, guinea, guinea,
    W O P.

    Stanwich, lighten up. Life is way too short to be pissed off by stuff like this.

  11. Anonymous

    Two guys were walking down the street. One of them was notorious for being prejudiced against Italians. Yet when he sees an Italian organ grinder with a monkey dancing, he throws $20 into the monkey’s hat.
    His friend, surprised, said, “But people have been telling me for years how much you hate Italians, and here you are giving money to one.”
    “Well,” replied the guy, “They are so cute when they are little!”

  12. Libertarian Advocate

    Shooot (pun intended), the extra spaces within each succeeding WOP was put for emphasis to suggest longer acceleration. Oh well.

  13. Anonymous

    What do you get if you cross an Italian with a Jew?
    A janitor who owns the building!

  14. Anonymous

    Two friends, an Italian boy and a Jewish boy, come of age at the same time. The Italian’s father presents him with a new pistol.
    On the other side of town, at his Bar Mitzvah, the Jewish boy received a beautiful gold watch. The next day at school, the two boys are showing off their presents to each other. They each liked what the other one had so they traded.
    That night, when the Italian boy got home, his fathers sees him looking at his watch.
    “Where did you getta thatta watch?” his father asked.
    The boy explained that he and his friend had traded their presents.
    “Whatta you? Stuppida boy? Whattsa matta you?” screamed his father, “Soma day, you maybe gonna get married. Then maybe somma day you gonna comma home and finda you wife inna bed with another man. What you gonna do then? Look atta the watch and say, How longa you gonna be?”

    • Hey, let’s not engage in ethnic bashing here – let’s tell true stories instead
      The Polack comes home and discovers his wife in bed (with that Italian kid? It doesn’t say).
      He pulls out a huge revolver and points it to his head – “I’m gonna kill myself! The shame!”
      His wife and her lover burst into guffaws and the Pole says, “don’t laugh, you’re next!”

      Guy goes into a bar and sees a bunch of guys whooping it up, slapping each other on the back and just having a swell time.
      “So what’s up?” he asks.
      “We are the Polish National Jig Saw Puzzle team and we are celebrating the completion of this puzzle in just 16 months!”
      (Peering at the puzzle): “Gee, I don’t know, looks pretty simple to me – that really took you 16 months to figure out? That’s a long time.”
      “So? On box it say, ‘for 4-8 years’!”

  15. Anonymous

    Q. How do you kill an Italian?
    A. Smash the toilet seat on the back of his head when he is getting a drink.

  16. Anonymous

    Q. Why do Puerto Ricans throw their trash away in clear plastic bags?
    A. So Italians can go window shopping.

  17. Anonymous

    What s an innuendo?
    An Italian suppository

    • So the nurse stops the doctor rushing past her in the corridor, says “Doctor, do you know you have a thermometer behind your ear?”
      (Doctor, examining the instrument,) “why, some asshole has my pencil!”

  18. Chris,

    Do you ever yearn to have your real estate musings published elsewhere, i.e., on HamletHub? Just asking. Know you are in a good space. I just love reading you, even when I should be doing something to earn money.


  19. Anonymous

    Why can`t a blonde dial 911?

    She can’t find the eleven

  20. Cobra

    How do you tell if a woman is Italian?

    Braided armpits.

  21. Walt

    Dude –
    I find this thread offensive. Not because it pokes fun at ethnicity, but because some of the jokes are terrible.

    What’s the difference between an Italian grandmother and an elephant? A black dress and about fifty pounds.

    How does an Italian get into an honest business? Usually through the skylight.

    Your Pal,

  22. Anonymous

    Fountain asked Fudrucker if he could refund the deposit to an angry customer who had discovered that the lot he had bought was under water.
    “What kind of salesman are you? Fudrucker scolded. “Get out there and sell him a boat.

  23. Cos Cob Coot

    As A defender of Cos Cob, I would point out that it is only one quarter Italian. You decide which part.
    Albion DeBus

  24. Anonymous

    Why is Italy shaped like a boot? Because you can’t fit that much shit in a sneaker!