Amanda Wheeler, pudding and pie

First date from Hell

First date from Hell

Kissed the boys and made them sigh. When the cops came by to play, Amanda Wheeler ran away.

But she needn’t have bothered – this happened in England, after all.

A mother who molested three boys after  consuming enough alcohol to ‘knock out a bull elephant’ walked free from court today.

Amanda Wheeler, 31, downed vodka, beer and wine at a friend’s birthday party before kissing and groping a 12-year-old boy on a bench.

She then performed a lap-dance and straddled a group of teenage boys.

The part-time cleaner also bit a 13-year-old boy on his neck and persuaded him to perform a sex act on her.

The mother-of-three denied four counts of sexual activity with a child and one of sexual assault but was found guilty following a two-week trial [WTF?! – Ed] in October at Worcester Crown Court.

Today, Judge Patrick Thomas QC said he did not believe the incident on November 29, 2011, ‘arose out of paedophilia’ but was a ‘one-off’.


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9 responses to “Amanda Wheeler, pudding and pie

  1. Concerned Taxpayer

    Women are not pedophiles. It’s only that some are a bit frustrated. Deviance is a male thing as they think about sex more (constantly) and want options. Women are too tired for that.

  2. Mark B.

    Huh. She doesn’t LOOK like trash…

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    Does anyone seriously think a pubescent heterosexual male would be emotionally traumatized by having a 30 year old woman jump his bones? If so, I’ve got this great bridge…..

    • A 12 or 13-year-old I do think would be messed up by that … 15 or 16, no

      • So far as I can recall of my life as a twelve-year-old, my reaction to such an experience would have been “thank you God”, and the only lasting effect a wonderful lifetime memory. Damn you, Amanda Wheeler, where was your mother in 1965?
        I do wonder, however, why I, and presumably much of the rest of our American society, would be horrified if the sexes were reversed here. Is that because we assume young girls dislike sex, are they more vulnerable to exploitation, or are girls just different from boys? I have no answer, just a sense that if someone had done this to my son at that age I’d probably have yelled and made a fuss but have been secretly jealous, while if it were either of my daughters I’d still be in jail for homicide. Curious.

        • Peg

          Because no matter how much “equality” and feminism we’ve had, these facts remain.

          People believe that males desire far more sex than females. Females get pregnant; males do not. Males, on average, can defend themselves far more from an aggressive female than vice versa – and although a woman can “rape” a male – it’s a whole helluva lot easier for a man to do it to a woman.

          We still think of boys and men liking to “get some” – and not think of girls and women in the same way. To me, it sure seems that a lot of this sort of thing is hard wired into us… and all the feminist classes and protesting and books and movies and the rest of it cannot will it away.

  4. Mickster

    The expression “who’s your mommy?” just comes to mind…where’s Walt….this is right up his alley?

  5. Mark B.

    Wow. Get molested by a plastered older woman, and then cry rape and act all innocent. The only way this fantasy could get any better is if there was Kraft Dinner involved…
    A pilot I know who’s my age was just divulging to me that he’s always had an “older woman fantasy”. I said “Me too, but we better step on it – they’re starting to drop dead…”