Coming to America? Hell, it’s already here

"We took it from the neighbors because YOU deserve it more!"

“We took it from the neighbors because YOU deserve it more!”

English couple, 18, 21 and baby, living on welfare and say it’s their right, as indeed it is. (Note to skeptics: Neither the editors of FWIW nor Monty Python staff writers played any role in reporting this story).

A young couple who receive more than £17,000 a year in benefits appeared on ITV’s This Morning to defend their taxpayer-funded lifestyle.

Danny Creamer, 21, and Gina Allen, 18, who live in a comfortable two-bedroom flat in Portsmouth  with their four month old daughter, Talulah Rose, say they are better off on £17k benefits and argue that unless they are able to find jobs that pay £18,000 a year or more, there’s no point in working.

Although neither have any qualifications, Danny, who has also worked as a shelf stacker in the past, says he is now looking for a job – although says he won’t accept any old role.

‘What is the point [of a minimum wage job]? You know, I’m not going to go to work to be worse off.’ he argued.

Gina added: ‘The main problem is is that the cost of living is going up so much but the wages are just the same. But people still expect you to live on the minimum wage – I don’t think that’s right.’

Danny added: ‘We can’t be scroungers because the Government wouldn’t give us the money or pay towards our living expenses if we didn’t need it.’

It makes perfect economic sense from these dreadful people’s point of view, and the philosophy expressed by Danny, “we have a need and therefore others have an obligation to meet that need” is the same lesson taught in our schools and preached by Democrats, from the president on down to the lowliest, welfare mooching NEA member.


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16 responses to “Coming to America? Hell, it’s already here

  1. Westchesterer

    If you reward people for not working (welfare), and punish people for working (payroll/income tax), it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how that conditioning will affect peoples behavior. It’s not economics, it’s common sense.

  2. Greenwich Mom, M&P

    How depressing! The article and 30-second video was pathetic. The most depressing part of all is that both of them seemed to have decent, hard-working parents. So what happened??? I only hope my kids don’t turn out like these two.

    • Peg

      GM – frankly, I was nauseated more than depressed. My folks raised me to be hardworking, productive and a good citizen. It is beyond my ken to behave like this.

      If we have more and more of the populace with attitudes like this, however, Britain (and perhaps our country, too) are going to run out of Other People’s Money REAL quickly!

      • Pot Calling Kettle

        So how do you propose to assist those with a genuine need for assistance because of health or related issues? There is never any suggestion from your sort on how to tackle that.

        • When we get past the idea that someone’s undefined “needs” constitutes a claim on other people’s labor, then we can discuss who deserves our charity.Shelf-stocker Danny isn’t among them.

        • Peg

          “Your sort”? You mean like President Clinton and a Republican Congress did when they passed welfare reform – you know, the policies that President Obama recently gutted? Or when you say “your sort”, do you mean bipartisan commissions like Bowles Simpson, where people from the left and right agree that although we must have help, there has to be limits and fiscal responsibility?

          There have been more than a few suggestions about reasonable and rational ways to have limited and ultimately more successful help. Perhaps you should educate yourself a bit more about them before you castigate “the others” as you do above.

      • anon

        I can hear Obama now: If I had a son and daughter-in law, they’d look like Danny and Gina.

    • What happened was that the regressives have succeeded in their plan to make us all wards of the state, where we are enslaved, our labor confiscated and “redistributed” to those who most obediently toe the government line. It starts in grade school and continues through college and is aided and abetted by the entertainment industry and what passes for a free press.

  3. Anonymous

    They’re scum, and their government enablers are worse than scum.

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    If Gordon Brown had children, they’d look like Danny and Gina.

  5. Mickster

    We already have 46 million – that’s right 46 MILLION Americans in our food stamp program. Go to Shop Right and you’ll find yourself behind someone with one of their cards regularly. Don’t have to look abroad. It never ceases to amaze me that MSM doesn’t have these stories regularly.

  6. Anonymous2

    CF: I think you missed the key para in the Daily Mail piece “The couple also hit back at those who describe them as scroungers, arguing that because their hard-working parents have paid tax all their lives, they are entitled to claim some of the money back.” So?

    While I agree with Peg that “My folks raised me to be hardworking, productive and a good citizen. It is beyond my ken to behave like this.” her attitude, and mine until recently, now makes no sense at all. You can’t fight the Feds and right now the Feds imply that being decent and productive makes you evil and unfair. So go for all the bennies you can. Nowadays that makes you a Good American!

  7. kc

    Unless I’m mistaken somehow, the food stamp cards appear to be the preferred form of payment in some of the food stores which I have frequented recently. Credit cards will only work after the buyer has shown some form of state issued identification. After sizing the customer up, they’ll take American paper money while performing their due diligence by holding the bills up to the light and drawing on them with some sort of pen. They don’t seem to have a lot of faith that it’s really legal tender. But it’s good to be behind a shopper with one of the magic money cards. They are politely whisked through the check out line by the courteous cashiers and warmly sent on their way. It’s the new coin of the realm.