Okay, it IS France, but still, how pathetic

Come and eat our cheese!

Come and eat our cheese!

Due to the entire French army’s inability to roust a mere handful of al Qaeda fighters from Mali, Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Hussein planning to add US military aid to the effort. Next time you read some complaint that the US spends more on its military than all of “civilized” Europe combined, reflect on this – those countries spend no money on their armies and there is thus no longer any military force representing western interests except for us. That doesn’t necessarily justify our joining yet another ground war far across the sea, but I do grow tired of hearing how advanced Europe is for not spending on its own defense.

For those who’d like to read more on the demise of the French military, I recommend “Why France Can’t Fight”.


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7 responses to “Okay, it IS France, but still, how pathetic

  1. The French strategy in Mali was rather clever: They ran a column of troops up one flank, whilst simultaneously driving a vehicle with a large white flag along the other. AQ knew better than to get caught between those positions.

  2. TheWizard

    They would all be communicating in German if not for us barbaric Americans.

    • Ah, but then they would have been entirely free of those pesky Jews – it’s no wonder they resent us, they failed to reap the full benefits of their collaboration. “If you people had only come just six months later – c’est dommage ….”

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    The French make petit fours, French bread and wine. They speak a romance language. They wear berets for Pete’s sake. With faggy ascots tied around their necks. They think Jerry Lewis is a genius. They think Mimes are an art form. MIMES DUDE!! And their idea of a good time is to hang around in a basement, smoking skunk cigarettes, and listen to jazz.

    They are the feeble idiots of Europe, the skinny little weird kid everyone picked on in grade school. The pants wetter. And you expect them to be able to defend themselves?

    But have you ever been to France? It really is a beautiful country, and Paris is an amazing city. It is built on the river Sign, and has a wonderful museum. They named a big Cathedral after our great football school, Notre Dame, but I think their football team really sucks. Just like the French military. They have a great street called the Champs Elise, which is lined with trees, so the invading armies could hold victory marches in the shade. So they can be considerate.And the babes are hot, and the food is good.

    But they really don’t like Americans. I also don’t think they like the British very much, but that is only because they speak American too.

    It is important to them you speak the language, but you only need to know a few phrases. You can say “Wee Wee” a lot, to just about anything. I really enjoyed that!!

    If that doesn’t work, just say Va te faire foutre, mon garçon grenouille. Vous petite Nancy !

    Say it like you have to much spit in your mouth, so they don’t pick up an American accent and you will sound just like them, and fit right in.

    I enjoyed it a lot. But I was surprised they didn’t know who Pepé Le Pew was.

    Your Pal,

  4. Mark B.

    C’mon, Walter – Paris has a lot going for it –
    I’ve been to Pah-REE like twenty times, and I happen to know there is at least more than one museum. One of them has a full-size replica of the Great Pyramid of Giza out front, but I don’t think it’s finished yet. And inside you’ll see statue of a winged woman that Hitler ran over with a Panzer after they tried to stop him with it. It’s titled “Winged Victory”, which is I guess why he ran it over.
    And you didn’t mention the Vendome Column, which was built by the Ritz Hotel chain and is the largest penis statue in the world. A lot of people would be surprised it’s in France.
    Smoking is now not allowed in restaurants in Paris, but because so few French people smoke, it’s never an issue.
    That’s all I can think of.

  5. Libertarian Advocate

    Hey Stanwich, see CF makes fun of the French and do I go into a snide hissy fit? No, Teflon skin here.

    CF: La vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid. A table!

  6. Balzac

    “France is the greatest piece of real estate in the world. It’s a shame the French get to live there.”

    (Et moi, je suis francais.)