If this were England, he’d have been cautioned, then knighted by the queen

cover300014115Cops handcuff, grill seven-year-old over missing $5.

The money, which was supposed to be used for a school trip that never happened, had fallen on the ground in front of Wilson and two other boys, and one of them scooped it up.

Wilson was falsely accused of taking it, and he scuffled with one of the kids.

Officers showed up at PS X114 on Dec. 4 at about 10:20 a.m., and handcuffed and held Wilson in a room there for four hours. They then hauled him off to the 44th Precinct station house for another six hours of interrogation and verbal abuse, according to a $250 million claim against the city and the NYPD.

The boy protested his innocence, to no avail.

“Reyes was handcuffed and verbally, physically and emotionally abused, intimidated, humiliated, embarrassed and defamed,” the documents say. He was then charged with robbery.

The legal papers say another classmate later admitted the theft.

But law-enforcement sources insisted that Wilson was treated like any other young suspect.

“We responded to a 911 call of a robbery and assault . . . Eventually, [Wilson] was taken back to the precinct and placed in the juvenile room,” a source said.

“He was charged with robbery. The allegation was that he punched the kid and took his money. He took the money forcibly.

“The kid came into the precinct a little bit after 3 p.m., and he was out by 7:45 p.m. . . . That’s standard for a juvenile arrest.”

You don’t catch these thugs at seven, they’ll be drinking 16-oz soda pops by eight.


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9 responses to “If this were England, he’d have been cautioned, then knighted by the queen

  1. Boredatwork

    He was just emulating our beloved leader and doing a little redistribution of wealth.

  2. Anon

    I can’t wrap my head around what has happened to our society that the instinct of a teacher is to call 911 over a $5 bill. What ever happened to being sent to the principals office or writing on the blackboard?

  3. Anonymous

    Another story from emasculated, poofterized, wimpified England. So much for St. George and Lion.

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    Based on the facts in the story, here is what I think. The kid is named “Wilson Reyes”, so he is obviously a PR. First name Wilson, he will grow up to be a homo. NTTAWWT.

    Were the other two kids PR’s as well? That is a key fact, but the story does not say. So let’s just work with what we got, shall we? Is there a Mr. Reyes? Another key fact we need. And the mothers name is Frances Mendez, a different last name than our deviant little Juvie. So the kid is a PR growing up with no male figure in his decrepit little life. At first glance at the picture, I thought the Mother was a dot head, but I didn’t rush to judgment until I had all the facts.

    Conclusion?? The suspect is an inner city fatherless PR. Even if he didn’t take the money, because one of his thieving little greasy friends grabbed it quicker than a hubcap off a Caddie, this kid is GUILTY!! If not of taking the $5 bucks, you know he is guilty of something. Right? All the proof is there!!

    And what is the first thing our little sleep around tramp Senorita does? She hires Jack Yankowitz, a Jew lawyer, to try and fleece the city out of $250 MILLION!!

    That’s a boat load of Taco’s!!

    Do you concur, Sherlock?
    Your Pal,

  5. Anonymous

    So sad. Just look at the poor kids face as he sits handcuffed to an iron pipe. Four hours in juvenile protection at the precinct is SOP? For a seven year old child. I am surprised the kid was not bawling. I would have been. A lawsuit to seek damages for a host of wrongdoings does not seem unreasonable even though the amount of the claim for damages is ridiculous.

  6. AJ

    No it’s not England, but America where the average citizen is considered the enemy — happens every day.
    ‘Woman Sues Police Over ‘Flash Grenade’ SWAT Raid’
    ‘Cops held woman and daughter at gunpoint over “threatening” Internet posts they had never made’