Such a deal

12 Tyler Lane

12 Tyler Lane

12 Tyler Lane in Riverside has sold for $2,425,000. I liked this house very much inside, though the exterior was not to my taste (or my clients’ which is what’s relevant). No back yard, but it backs up to Eastern’s playing fields, it has a really appealing open floor plan and a good location on a dead end street. Owners paid $2.150 for it new in 2000 and did some work to it, so this price seems right.

23 Ridgeview

23 Ridgeview

I’ll reserve judgement on the price of a new listing at 23 Ridgeview, which came on today at $5.8 million. There has been just one sale on this street in the high $4s, so this will break that barrier, if it gets what it’s asking. Good looking house, the owners bought it new in 2005 for $4.2 million. I’m sure they don’t think this property in central Greenwich has appreciated $1.6 million since then so I assume there’s been a lot more money poured into it. Many buyers are nervous about buying the highest-priced home on any street, even this one, so I’ll be interested to watch how this progresses.


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9 responses to “Such a deal

  1. ShedLessToolMan

    Ridgeview pictures look very promising except the strange poster on the angled ceiling above the bed. I really like the house and it looks like it would appeal to a wide audience.. moreover, this is a fantastic location for convenience and schools.. I am not that familiar with pricing in that microcosm.. anyone that sees this thing in the flesh please report back.

  2. anonymous

    Ridgeview across from the Brunswick field? Splish splash low lands.

    • At $5.8 I’m sure you can demand a set of Muck Boots for the whole family. They come in all sorts of colors, including Pink, blue and camouflage, so there should be something for everybody.

  3. Fred2

    Tyler: I agree with you the interior seems pretty nice, but what is up with the outside? I keep looking at it wondering if I consumed a hallucinogen inadvertently, a weird camera angle, or if someone really design something with such funky lines.

    If it’s the latter, well, further evidence that I am not a man of my times.

  4. Anonymous

    Chris, I’m pretty sure 23 Ridgeview built that house…double check you’re facts unless they paid that much for the land, built this superb house and now are only selling it for $5.8M?

  5. Anonymous

    I wonder what it would cost for an architect and builder to make the Tyler exterior look less freaky. Agree the inside would be more than fine with a paint job.

  6. Anonymous

    For Tyler, I’d say the land is worth $1.2 to $1.3 million and the house,
    $1.1 to $1.3 million. Easier to price RS properties these days.