If only OSHA didn’t require scissors to have blunt tips

Duck and Cower

Duck and Cower

Fresh from its triumph advising citizens to dress warmly in cold weather, our Department of Homeland Security is out with another means of defeating terror: if a madman shows up with a gun, hide under your desk, cower behind locked doors and attack with scissors. Anything but use a gun.

And that’s how governments want their sheeple: defenseless, afraid, and dependent on the same type of cops who sat at the end of Doctor Petit’s driveway for thirty minutes while the poor man’s wife and daughters were raped a final time and then burned alive.

No chile for you!

No chile for you!

In India, they’re passing out chile powder and 3″ knives to poor women so they can protect themselves against rapists. For those women able to afford it, however, buying guns and learning how to use them is an increasingly popular means of self-defense. The ladies don’t seem to share their government’s faith in the efficacy of chile dust. That’s an option our elected representatives want to eliminate here. But we’ll always have scissors, won’t we?

Not necessarily, and women might want to really be afraid, of rapists and their government alike. England, which forbids its citizens to own guns (or sharp scissors, come to think of it) has twice the number of rapes as the United States.

There are alternatives:

In Texas, a mother just shot a trio of home invaders as they were unrolling the duct tape to bind her. The mother and her six-year old child are fine, the would-be rapists are not.

And in Florida, a gun was used to drive off five home invaders. One attacker dead. Hey, five men, six shot magazine (Bloomberg wants three), who needs more, if you’re an expert shot and can remain ice-cold in emergencies?

Too bad that many states forbid their citizens to take their gun outside the home to practice with but this is America, where we’re not only born with an innate right of self defense but come from the womb clutching a flintlock that we know how to shoot. And if those genes passed us by, we can always throw a 16 oz soda can at the bad guys – except, of course, in New York City; there, you’ll have to call Mayor Bloomberg’s office and ask him to send over one of his own armed bodyguards.

But the narrative is set, the fix is in:

Poor old Gabby Giffords, paraded before the cameras yesterday to recite a speech “composed and in her own handwriting”, turns out to have been stumbling through a missive drafted by her speech therapist and written out – in long hand – so touching – by a staffer.

Neil Heslin (not) being heckled

Neil Heslin (not) being heckled

And for the third time in a year,NBC “News” (you in the back – stop laughing) is “investigating” how they could have edited a tape to create an entirely false story – this time, the supposed heckling of a Sandy Hook parent by gun owners. Like the doctored audio tape in the Zimmerman matter, this is an investigation that will last only until the heat is off, whereupon life at the networks will resume, and continue as before.


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14 responses to “If only OSHA didn’t require scissors to have blunt tips

  1. anon

    Parading Gabby Giffords. So very true. Troubling. Cruel. Her astronaut husband saw a dime or two in his wife’s injury and like all good spouses, decided let’s make her the latest one trick pony. He should be shot.

    • Ah, I think that’s awfully hard. What happened to his wife was a horrible tragedy and her husband’s anger and determination “to do something about it” is perfectly understandable to me. The exploitation of his wife by gun opponents is, however, disgusting.

      • Anon

        Hard? Hardly. Where does the husband drag Gabby when he “wants to do something”? Newtown, paraded along with a band of media hogging politicians. Senate hearings. Meeting with the president. His sole intention is getting her before the cameras. Why should she be the face of gun violence? What about the nameless thousands who die in the streets at might in Chicago? What happened to gabby was tragic but the husbands behavior is criminal.

        • sunbeam43

          I am in total agreement with Anon! Mr. Kelly is despicable for using her as propaganda! It is cruel!

  2. Not So Lone Ranger

    Gun owners are fed up. This from Jammie Wearing Fools today:

    The nation’s biggest arms store, Charlotte, N.C.’s Hyatt Gun Shop, is calling on gun owners to revolt against President Obama’s new gun control move, warning that Washington has its eyes on trashing the Second Amendment and stealing gun rights.

    Hyatt has turned part of its retail webpage over to the plea for action: “Whining to other gun owners and giving up on dialogue with your representatives in Congress is how you GIVE AWAY your gun rights! Remember to contact your representative and senator TODAY and keep contacting them. We cannot stress this enough!”

    Owner Larry Hyatt told Secrets, “People are outraged. They hate the government. I don’t think we’ve seen this much divisiveness since the Civil War.”

  3. Anonymous

    They are working very hard to shape the battle space. This is a higher priority for the Regime than they are willing to admit. Citizen disarmament and conditioning seems to be the Regime’s top priority.

  4. Anonymous

    Cute kid.

  5. Mark B.

    It was my understanding that Giffords and her husband were/are gun owners and, I believe, concealed carry permit holders. I further understood that Gabby previously supported the right to bear arms outside the home.
    Anybody hear what happened to her mindset on that? Has she altered her beliefs since her injury? I haven’t heard a peep.
    All I can gather from his and her statements of late is that they are in a crusade to improve and strengthen background checks. While I’m convinced I am twice as rabid about my gun rights as anyone, I have difficulty understanding why a more efficient background check system should rankle anyone, even my buddy LaPierre. (?)

    • Anonymous

      It’s all in the implementation details. If “improved background checks,” are cover for a de facto registration system, it’s a non-starter. Most restrictions on private transfers, especially those between family members, are a non-starter.

      The arguments against straw man purchases are hilarious given the Obama Administration ran one of the biggest straw man purchase operations ever in Fast and Furious.

      • Mark B.

        Okay I can see that. I wasn’t thinking in terms of registration, just better data bases to keep nutcases from getting hold of firearms.
        Seems like the simple cure that even old Wayne could be happy with would be to toughen up the instant check all they want, but leave the model/serial number of the firearm being sold out of it.
        As if they’d ever agree to that…

    • David Smith

      The government NEVER erases ANYTHING. I have talked to people who worked in government agencies (usually as a computer guru) and they claimed records that BY LAW were supposed to be burned (not sealed or purged) after a certain time were still there and searchable in the data base if you had the right permissions. Without those permissions, you couldn’t even find out there was part of the computer you couldn’t see.

      It’s like calling a tax a fee, so you don’t need to get permission to impose it.

  6. David Smith

    About India and Chile dust.

    When I was a student, I couldn’t afford a gun and the police would have killed my burgeoning (engineer, most jobs required security clearance) career w a bust.

    So, I carried a plastic squeeze bottle of household ammonia. I never used it and cannot guarantee its effectiveness, but I once got a facefull of ammonia fumes from a bottle and I suspect it will stop a charging Maria bull.

    I was also prepared to explain to the police that I used as a sanitizer ink solvent, grease remover, etc.