Now that he’s provided us affordable health care, perhaps the Messiah will end poverty and bring us peace in our time

IRS: average cost of lowest level ObamKare “Bronze Plan” will be $20,000 for a family of four. Click on the link to see how large a tax penalty a family earning $12,000 per year must pay if they refuse to buy it – ungrateful slackers, don’t they realize what their president has done for them? Besides, since he’s already committed to paying their mortgage and buying them cellphones, anything they don’t spend on healthcare will just be wasted on food.


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  1. AJ

    ‘Medical Excise Tax on Retail Receipts Show How We’re Screwed by Obamacare’

    “…The receipt (pictured at left) spells out what Obama and the feds want to keep secret – the middle class is being heavily taxed despite all the fatuous rhetoric of Democrats who invariably play the class warfare card to sell their confiscatory taxation policies.

    “The 2.3% Medical Excise Tax that began on January 1st is supposed to be ‘hidden’ from the consumer, but it’s been brought to the public’s attention by hunting and fishing store Cabela’s who have refused to hide it and are showing it as a separate line item tax on their receipts,” the email states.

    CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times and other apologists for government theft naturally don’t expose the heavy dose of taxes hidden in Obamacare…”

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    Isn’t this why they originally called it “The Affordable Health Care Act”? Before it was renamed to Obamacare? The government would never lie to you. That is why they want to ban guns. For your own safety.

    Anyhows, enough about that. Here is an interesting read. Does how we lose our virginity scar us for life?

    How did you lose yours Dude? Your virginity, not your mind. You have lost it, right? Your virginity, not your mind. I know you lost that. And I don’t think self-pleasuring yourself like a retarded little monkey to Miss August 1968 counts. Was it to a one legged Taiwanese hooker with buck teeth? A $5 dollar midget whore? And how old were you? Understanding this may explain a lot about you.

    I already told you this, but I lost mine to Ms. Lavender, my middle school English teacher. She of the wondrous sweater puppies, with long blonde hair and deep green eyes. She was my first little stud muffin. The only scars she left were on my ass, when she spanked me for being a naughty little boy. But I still think of her fondly, and send her dirty notes. As far as I can tell, I suffered no ill effects. Except I failed math, because I attended her English class twice a day. But she gave me an A!

    Your Pal,

  3. Anon

    This goes to show how much misinformation is on the internet. I am ot a fan of Affordable Care Act nor Obama but the Medical Device Tax is not levied at the consumer level it is paid the companies that manufacture the devices such as Medtronic, Zimmer and Stryker to name a few. It seems you might want to shop else where for you camoflage knickers

    • That’s kind of like the “gross profits tax” Connecticut imposed on oil companies a decade or so ago to capture “excess” profits. The law defied economics by prohibiting the companies from passing along the new tax to consumers but the world doesn’t work that way and besides, that provision was struck down as unconstitutional, exactly as predicted. You’ll notice that the tax is still with us – surprise! – and you and I still pay it at the gas pump. That’ll teach those profiteers.

  4. AJ

    The receipt displayed in the linked article was an actual receipt from the said store, but the article has been updated with the store claiming the reason was a computer glitch. Glad to see that at least you are informed as to what’s in the 2700 page bill and the tens of thousands of pages of regulations pertaining to it that was passed without anyone reading it and even knowing what they were passing because you are one of the few, if any, (with the exception of Nancy Pelosi) who claims to know what’s in it. Nancy is that you?

    “When Congress wrote 2,700 pages of legislation to create ObamaCare, that was only the starting point in the government’s re-engineering of our health sector. Tens of thousands of pages of regulation – or more – are needed to provide detailed guidance dictating exactly how its maze of new programs must operate….”

    “…Now, it’s someone else’s turn not to read the bill. In oral arguments before the Supreme Court this week, some justices made it abundantly clear that they, too, haven’t read the entire law, even if they are considering a constitutional question that could kill the whole thing.

    “I haven’t read every word of that, I promise,” Justice Stephen Breyer said to a lawyer arguing the case Wednesday. “So what do you propose that we do other than spend a year reading all this?” …”

    Sorry I don’t own any camo knickers: I don’t want to be mistaken for a cop in town (that’s what they wear around here) or mistaken for game and shot while walking in the woods (that has happened in Maine, though I haven’t heard of any incidents around here).

  5. kc

    I don’t pretend to have a firm grasp on how Obama’s plan is eventually supposed to work but I do have the feeling that there will be many disappointed people out there if they find that they are paying more for less. After listening to a number of folks hopefully describe all of the wonderful stuff they’re expecting for little or nothing, I’d like to hear their thoughts after they read this article. What’s the next step down the road? I guess that I wouldn’t be surprised to hear the phrase “single payer” or a reasonable facsimile, floating around.

  6. Peg

    The stupiity and naivte of the general public continues to astound me. How much more can we pay (by force) for crappier health care until they start to notice and complain – and blame someone OTHER than GWB? When will they ever realize that the ruling class passes laws by which you and I must abide – while the lawmakers exclude themselves from same? Why do Obama and all his buddies (this includes Hollywood types, so forget the “he’s the President” line) have armed guards for themselves and their famlies, while they pass laws forbidding us to do what they do? How many hundreds of millions must Algore make selling out to Jew hating Al Jeezera, and living in mega mansions while touting “living small” before people utter a peep?

    Yes; I am foaming at the mouth with amazement and anger. Their stupidity is dramatically affecting us….

  7. Reader

    I guess that “free contraception” is not so free

  8. sunbeam43

    Hope all that believed this to be free are jumping for joy now!!!!!!

  9. sunbeam43

    “Single-payer” is the Progressive’s goal!!!!!

  10. sounds like we’d all better start searching the beaches for whale vomit…..

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