What I actually said was “looks like two puppies quarreling in a sack”

It's a thing of beauty

It’s a thing of beauty

Bloomberg: “I did not say, ‘check out her ass’,”


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6 responses to “What I actually said was “looks like two puppies quarreling in a sack”

  1. Dunno. Bloomie does not, er, leave one with the impression that he’s a red-blooded hetero.

    • sunbeam43

      I must say…….I kinda agree! Could be why he defiles women so much! Ya know, sorta like “me thinks thou dost protest too much!”????

  2. sunbeam43

    Chris……I absolutely loved your allegory……laughed hilariously! Bloomie has a history of rude remarks against women, so wouldn’t doubt that he said this! The suit against him previously for just this same stuff was settled out of court………hmmmmmm! He is truly pond scum!

  3. Fred2

    You know, I find it difficult to care.

    ( Don’t get me wrong, seeing that twit get hung out to dry a little amuses me.)

    It’s a crass remark, and completely inappropriate ( especially for a politician) in any sort of public venue, but I dare say that even ( shock, horror) great men, in private amongst their cronies, have been known to make jocular, crass and rude remarks – and here’s the shocker (I know feminists everywhere are going to get the vapors) – the vast majority MEAN NOTHING IN PARTICULAR BY IT – not to the specific woman, not to the women in general, or any other target of the remarks.

    • Of course you’re right in all respects, especially the fact that the comment means nothing (and I’ve even heard that – gasp – women have on occasion made similar comments about men). But I couldn’t resist the headline.

  4. Anonymous


    While I agree that as a political leader he should be held to a higher standard, what’s wrong with commenting about a woman’s ass. There are plenty of woman who would love to know that someone has noticed them and there are plenty of woman who have said the same – I myself have witnessed it.

    Men are more visual than woman, men look at woman’s asses frequently – married or not – and men like to comment. What’s the big deal? It was done in private with a friend. I get that he is a leader and should be held to a different standard but he is human after all. Let’s stop trying to pretend that men are somehow more like woman than we appear…it’s really quite silly.