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Green Acres

Green Acres

548 Stanwich Road has taken another price cut and is now asking $6.8 million from its opening salvo last February of $7.9. The owners paid $6.450 for it in 2002 and even though it looks as though they poured a lot more after that into improvements, it probably seemed like a bargain at the time because its builder had originally priced it two years before at $9.8.

This is a pretty amazing house, if you like this sort of thing. Built by Jordan Saper, who does good work even if not to my taste, it’s got 10,800 sq.ft. up (870 more in the walk-out basement), a pool, tennis court, pool house, 6 bedrooms and 8 1/2 baths, all on 4.6 acres. A lot of house, a lot of money.

But it’s huge, expensive, and above the Merritt, and as I’ve mentioned, that’s a combination that’s out of favor these days. The location adds maybe five minutes to the drive to Greenwich, which doesn’t seem daunting to me (although I’m not driving kids around all day and all night long), but clearly something is keeping this house on the market, so you can decide for yourself what that “something” is.


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21 responses to “What I said

  1. KrazyKat

    What you said: “But it’s huge, expensive, and above the Merritt, and as I’ve mentioned, that’s a combination that’s out of favor these days.”

    Thanks for the reminder Chris!

  2. Cos Cobber

    Maybe it needs to be bigger and more expensive with more to maintain.

    Maybe it needs to be more intimidating and more illiquid.

  3. anon

    The tile in the bathroom looks like it came from Home Depot

  4. Cos Cobber

    Second thought, I just looked through the photos and amazingly, this ’97 vintage home is already in need of an update. Wow.

  5. Matt

    Is this Montell Williams old place?

    • Could have been – I know that Montell was a client of Jeremy Kaye’s and Jeremy’s name as trustee is all over the back history. Then again, Jeremy also represents Jordan Saper and just about everyone else in town involved in real estate.

  6. xyzzy

    Oil? Oil Heat? Ouch.

  7. ajnock

    Nice house, hideous deor and furniture.

  8. Anonymous

    I actually really like this location for a couple of different reasons. But I agree that huge and expensive is a tough sell.

  9. Anonymous

    Chris — based on previous post of newer houses in the $3’s. What do you think the right number is for 36 Montgomery? Asking $3.295M.

    • Great downstairs but my it does fall apart upstairs – master bedroom’s small, master bedroom closet is waay to small, and the most god-awful granite was used throughout the house. You can’t change the design of the master bedroom suite but figure out what it would cost to redo all but one of the bathrooms upstairs (the builder slipped up and used good rock in that one), replace all the fixtures that claim to be Waterworks but are all in suspiciously bad shape if that brand name is accurate, replace the kitchen counters and then you’d have a house. So I’d say $2.75, but I doubt the new corporate owner will let it go for so little. Somebody’s either going to pay up, just because there’s no inventory out there, or the house will sit. My guess is that someone will step forward and offer around $3.

  10. anonymous

    Jeremy Kaye is no Lorraine Slavin.

  11. anonymous

    Lorraine is no Tom Ward.

  12. toast

    at Matt, good eyes. Yes that is Montel’s old house.