Nobel Peace Prize recipient and Whacky Paki  A-Rab hunter Barack Hussein practices marksmanship at Camp David:

Paki Hunter


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  1. sunbeam43

    Excellent…….tee hee!

  2. Anon

    It’s remarkable how FEW iterations are out yet. The hAlf dozen or more I’ve seen are in the “eh” category. Odd.

  3. Aliprowl

    Keep ’em coming…I still haven’t seen the ultimate money shot. Such fodder, however. Those idjits.

  4. And The American Sniper is killed with a buddy after leaving a shooting range. Sad, very sad.

    • Anon

      Kyle was an accomplished and highly decorated sniper. I think more hits than anyone. There is little news yet as to why he and another man were killed other than the shooter was 25 and is now in custody.

      • Our family had the distinct honor of knowing Chris Kyle well and volunteered to raise money for his amazing organization called FITCO Cares Foundation/Heroes Project. He specialized in helping army vets suffering from PTSD and those who were physically wounded as well. To learn that an army vet who had a history of mental problems after serving was the man to kill Kyle broke our heart. Kyle was the salt of the earth, went out of his way to help vets anyway he could. This is a huge loss to the community of service men. Huge.

        FITCO Cares Foundation and former Navy Seal Chris Kyle created the Heroes Project: providing in-home fitness equipment and guidance to injured soldiers. Dallas ·

        • Anonymous

          The lib press is already exploiting Kyles death. It’s disgusting what is already out there. The editor of the crappy Mother Jones rag has made a Newtown analogy. I never met Kyle but I knew of his foundation. Meanwhile Obama tweets a photo OF HIMSELF today with a football (as if to say yesterday’s skeet photo in his mom jeans was gay so let me show you I AM a man).

  5. Anonymous Citizenette

    but this is still my fav – no photoshopping required……

    • Cobra

      Russkis have manly man Putin on one end of the photo-op PR scale, then we have girly boy Obozo on the other. In his lust to demonstrate his new found ability to remain upright without training wheels, the Wuss-in-Chief must have forgotten to mount his usual handlebar tassels and cards in the spokes. Isn’t he special!

  6. Walt

    Ms. McBeal –
    Ruth Jones? RUTH JONES?? Who gives a rats ass?

    Now how did you and the Dude, who both fancy yourselves as savvy investigative dicks, miss this story? Huh? HUH!!

    It has EVERYTHING!! Blackmail, harassment, Bear Stearns, the Mafia, and all happening in the sleepy little hamlet of New Canaan, where you live!! And where you and Eunuch Boy orchestrate your lust filled, sweaty, wife swapping orgies. Which I am still waiting to read about, BTW. You little perverts.

    BLACKMAIL BY PIZZA!! Brilliant I say!! How could anyone be so devious? This man has a truly horrific mind, and would obviously stop at nothing. The fear this family must have felt when 20 pizzas, and all PLAIN NO SAUSAGE, showed up at their door. I hope there were no children at the house.

    If they didn’t apprehend him, think of the havoc he might have caused. Why stop at pizza? Ten orders of Mu Shu pork might have arrived!! 15 orders of Pulled Pork Taco’s!! THE HORROR!!

    Who knew such evil existed amongst us? And they are worried about guns? Who is going to protect us from this threat? WHO!!! We have no infrastructure to deal with this!!

    Please investigate and report back, if you would be so kind, Ms. McBeal.

    And Dude, tell Francis we need a “Department of Food Assessment of Risk Threats”, aka “FART”. He can be the FART in Chief.

    Your Pal,

  7. Central Gwich

    That isn’t investigative journalism, Teri. That’s kicking a good person when they’re down. It’s a small town and you’re doing yourself no favors. You need to quit it immediately.