It’s still 1921 in the Fountain household!

colt ad 1921


February 2, 2013 · 2:24 pm

2 responses to “It’s still 1921 in the Fountain household!

  1. timewarp

    nothing wrong with 1921.
    the roaring 20’s
    people just starting to get a few house conveniences that didnt burn the house down with that newer thing called electricity and not getting run over by that thing, the car.
    speculators starting to spend a few post wwi dollars.
    then the crash
    probably happen again
    why is the market approaching 14000 if the unempoloyment is 9.4%?

  2. armonk

    I had a Colt 45 semi auto but was not a very good shot with that one. Was better with the Colt Python .357 with the 6″ barrel. Unfortunately, I had to sell them when I moved from TX to NY. Where is the Dred Scott decision for gun owners?