White House to bloggers: Don’t you DARE Photoshop our Photoshop!

(Thanks, EOS). Stung by the laughter from the non mainstream press at the Kenyan’s claim to be an avid skeet shooter, the White House has ginned up a picture purporting to show the Golfer in Chief firing at his bodyguards. So far so normal, but the lackeys released their effort to the press accompanied by this warning:

Have (borrowed) gun, will pose

Have (borrowed) gun, will pose

“This official White House photograph is being made available only for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way and may not be used in commercial or political materials, advertisements, emails, products, promotions that in any way suggests approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House.”

I don’t own a PhotoShop program yet – a situation I’ve been meaning to remedy, but I guarantee you that there are many bloggers out there ready to respond to the White House’s dare, and I’ll post the results as they become available.

(Do check out the position of the gun stock as painted in by his handlers. They could at least tuck it away low into the shoulder where it belongs. And what’s with the steam kettle thing going on around the barrel – two little clouds of smoke? One from the side-mounted muzzle, perhaps? Now that’s an assault weapon!)

UPDATE: AJ notices something else: “What’s interesting about that photo is that the gun is pointed up and his line of vision (the tilt of the head) is pointed down, almost as if he closed his eyes when he pulled the trigger.”

UPDATE II: A reader informs me that the side vent is from a muzzle break which, unlike a flash suppresser is, as of now, still legal. But here’s another question: why is the normally politically astute White House bothering with this unless the backlash against his gun demonization campaign is growing out of control? Certainly his own supporters will give him no points for pretending to love guns, and gun owners know exactly who he is and won’t join his game of pretend even if he poses with an Abrams tank, so what’s the point? Gotta be that he’s hearing from Democrats in the hinterlands (Al Franken, anyone?) who are getting clobbered by their constituents.


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27 responses to “White House to bloggers: Don’t you DARE Photoshop our Photoshop!

  1. Anonymous

    Figures… He’s a lefty. At least he didn’t pull a ‘Putin’ and go shirtless!

  2. David Smith

    Since it would be easier (and safer) to just pose the president w a real gun, I doubt it was photoshopped. I cannot comment on his form (shoulder, eye angle) HOWEVER, the second smoke cloud is correct IF the gun has been ported to reduce recoil (very common w shotguns, and some rifles like this one. It’s called a compensator).

    • Is that like one of those illegal muzzle breaks found on “scary-looking guns used to mow down innocent children with” weapons?

      • David Smith

        A muzzle brake can be a visual add on or tiny holes drilled in the barrel. Depending on the direction of the ports, it can reduce recoil, reduce up kick, or both. The idea goes back to the middle ages, but they noticed it reduced muzzle energy and since they had only single shots, they really didn’t care about up kick and even recoil wasn’t that important as it was only going to bruise you a couple times a day.

      • AJ

        If you go to youtube and watch clips of shooters using muzzle breaks there is almost no muzzle rise, as in zero, when firing. For someone who shoots all the time, to have the muzzle pointed at 9-10 o’clock and be looking at 7-8 o’clock is very unlikely (impossible?). What’s more likely is that he’s trying to duck and cover, or cower if you prefer. Good point on the tensed muscles in the arm: it’s hard to gently or smoothly do anything, like squeeze the trigger, when your muscles are tensed like that — one reason I always tell people to use their ski pole straps because it’s hard to ski smoothly when you have a death grip on your ski poles to keep from dropping them. Odds are, it is his first time shooting, and he’s deathly afraid of the damn thing.

  3. Balzac

    Today we mourn Ed Koch, a liberal democrat force of nature who was a great mayor back when we all lived in NYC. The paper said his best term was his first, when he reduced city headcount by 10%, cleaned up the subways, took on the unions, switched some welfare spending to investment in infrastructure, and reduced the city’s deficit. In other words, late in his career, reality and the love of the city transformed him to….(egad)…….almost a conservative! And these policies worked!

    Unfortunately, Obama is too idealogical and not practical enough to learn from reality as Koch did.

  4. Anon

    Look closely at the photo. See his paunch?? Must be from all the tofu and broccoli Michelle makes eat. LOL!

    • How about the defined muscles in that left, trigger arm? The man’s holding on in a death grip – not necessary for a PhotoShop session but a common error for one who is shooting a gun, dare I say it, for his very first, and only time.

  5. David Smith

    The weapon is a rifle, not a shotgun. So he isn’t skeet shooting. Might be plinking or target shooting. HOWEVER, just noticed something: Where is his extra ammunition? Unless you are at a range w shelves for your equipment, the most convenient place to have it is on your body (in this day and age usually NOT a bandoleer, more commonly a pouch on the belt or a vest w a lot of pockets for ammo, lunch, etc.).

    • The White House says he’s skeet shooting so if they got even that much right, it’s a shotgun (which it looks like to me). A commenter on the linked-to site swears he can see a slug exiting the barrel which would make for an interesting choice for skeet shooting.

      • AJ

        If he’s skeet shooting, he should be looking up and ahead of the target, not down at the ground. Maybe they’ll release a video after he’s had a few weeks to practice, though there are some people who can just never get the hang of something. Case in point: I remember in high school gym volleyball, there was a kid who would jump up and flail his arms in the air trying to hit the ball every time it came over the net and was nowhere near him. But whenever the ball was headed straight for him and he could actually have returned it to the other side of the net, he would immediately clasp his hands and arms over his head and drop halfway to the floor cowering in fear. I think that may be what’s going on here.

    • David Smith

      OOOOOPS! Must apologize to all the readers and the President.

      Just took a magnified look at the picture and finally noticed the ramp on the top of the barrel. I thought that was a semi auto rifle w a tube magazine. I WAS WRONG! It is more likely an over under shotgun (VERY standard design).

      However, as a shotgunner w only two shots, the question of where is his extra ammo still stands.

      • I’ve misspent a fair amount of my life hanging around skeet shooters and never noticed that much smoke. Was I just being unobservant (entirely possible) or has a bit of enhancement and embellishing been performed here?

    • AJ

      The ammo valet is standing behind him just out of sight. Which reminds me of gun toting Sarah Palin and her Learning Channel Alaska show. She had to have her dad adjust her scope when she couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t hit the poor beast standing on the ridge, and worse she didn’t even know how to load her “own” rifle, and her dad had to do that for her too.

  6. TheWizard

    The liberals won’t care. He says all the right things, it doesn’t matter what he actually does.
    I heard a guy this week list the things he’s promised liberals but hasn’t done an iota to actually act upon, and they love him anyway.

    • I agree that his base won’t care, Wizard, but that’s my point – why is he doing this nonsense? He can’t really believe that he’ll win over those of us who hate him and, as you note, he could be caught at his real favorite sport, tossing cats into wood chippers, and the liberals would avert their eyes, so what gives? I say it’s to try to help his rural Democrat pols by sending a message that the Democrat Party isn’t anti-guns, even if it seems that way. It won’t work.

  7. Walt

    Dude –
    So this picture clearly establishes Barry is a Crip, and not a Blood, right. Because he is wearing all blue. And why isn’t the rifle sideways, like they hold their handguns? He is losing all his street cred with this photo.

    Why no blue doo rag on his head? And why is he wearing earmuffs? It looks like the photo was taken in the summer time to me.

    And where is his bling? That looks like a swatch watch he is wearing for Pete’s sake. And he is the Prez. So where are all his Bitches and Hoe’s?

    And where is the ink? No Che tattoos? Waz up wit dat?

    And if he was shooting skeet, wouldn’t he be aiming higher? I think he was shooting at the Wookie.

    And if you ask me, I think he is holding the rifle backwards. But from what I hear, he has plenty of experience handling guns from his time in Chicago.

    Your Pal,

  8. This video is starting to make the blogosphere rounds, entitled How Real Men Shoot Skeet. Brings to mind Mike Dukakis!

  9. pulled up in OG

    Calvin Coolidge looks no better.
    Teddy Roosevelt has that tailored douchebag look.
    Ike pulls a John Wayne.
    Jimmy Carter shows ‘em all how to do it.


  10. First time buyer

    His body guards/servants have the extra ammo.

  11. Col. De Beers

    Notice his cheek flattening on the butt stock. the prez is attempting to sight the o/u shotgun like a rifle. This has to be his first time with the clays and…… probably a painful one at that.

  12. Anonymous

    That legal notice is not unique to this photograph. All the photos on the White House Flickr page carry that notice.

  13. Anonymous2

    If the Obama pic was taken by a government (i.e. White House) photographer it would seem to be automatically in the public domain. Wikipedia labels government pics this way “As a work of the U.S. federal government, the image is in the public domain.”

    So, is the White House statement accompanying the Obama pic an effort to stifle dissent? Hmmm….

  14. Shiny ball distraction. Heard anything about Benghazi or Chuck Hagel lately? Obama knew the media would fall for this and conservatives would jump all over it. He is a smart politician who lies effortlessly, even better than Bill Clinton. Too bad he’s wrecking the economy.