I was going to blame the solar beanie crowd for the blackout but they’ve already claimed credit for it

Rep. Young's button reads, "Obama's Energy Plan". How did he know?

Rep. Young’s button reads, “Obama’s Energy Plan”. How did he know?

After a half hour of the worst modern American culture has to offer, a crotch-rubbing whore prancing and lip synching across stage, the game goes dark for 34 minutes, and the green energy crowd admits to doing it. Why have a robust infrastructure when we can light candles and sing kumbaya?

America was great because of its inventive people and a free economy, not because of any particular cultural achievements, but now we have neither. Pathetic.


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22 responses to “I was going to blame the solar beanie crowd for the blackout but they’ve already claimed credit for it

  1. Anonymous

    CF, clearly you are over the hill, Beyonce is extremist talented singer, despite her poor judgment as a Barry crony. Don’t make yourself sound like a crotchety old man. And I’m sure Walt enjoyed the grinding/gabbing, didn’tchya Walt?!? I known I did. Sure beat Tom Petty and the usual geezers that perform at halftime.

    • As I said, the epitome of modern American culture. That you found it attractive and appealing must make you feel like an all-American, which I guess you are. Do you watch Survivor or American Idol by any chance?

      • Anonymous

        Nope. Not once. Ever. But Jersey Shore is hilarious. All American? sometimes yes, sometimes no… I pick and choose. on this issue i think its just a generation gap, for sure. It’s all good tho. Aside from your apparent pop culture viewpoint, which you are entitled to, I enjoy your perspective in FWIW.

      • Anonymous

        Crotch grabbing whore? I don’t expect you to like her but you can do a better put down than that.

        • I have no idea whether she moonlights, but she certainly did rub her crotch, repeatedly, prompting me to inquire of the 16-year old watching with us, “who is this person?”. He told me it was “Beyonce” and then left the room. His mother observed, “if she turns off two 50-year old men and a teenaged boy, she’s doing poorly”.

      • Peg

        Perhaps one of my greatest lifetime achievements is that I have never watched Survivor nor American Idol – nor any other similar shows. I guess I’m a prehistoric creature culturally.

        I like it that way.

    • Cobra

      Madonna, yes, but you’re classifying Prince as a “usual geezer?”

  2. anonymous citizenette

    I couldn’t agree more. She and her talentless hubby, the king & queen of New York, the standard-bearers of modern culture. Ugh.

  3. Fred2

    Beyonce? Is THAT who it was? I walked through the living room at 1/2 time intent on finding who had absconded with Vol 5 of the OED and not returned it, and saw a couple of seconds of something that looked like a show girl, who wasn’t finished dressing, in some CGI hell. Her singing was risible too.

    Did it get better?

  4. Anon

    Alot of people thought beyoncé stunk as witnessed by twitter sphere. Many wished the power outage happened during halftime!!
    The Super Bowl would be better served having no halftime show than its annual parade of big ego talentless hacks.
    The bigger ewwwww factor of the night for me was the Go Daddy ad with the nerd and model in a lip lock.

  5. LAK

    Beyonce rocked it!!!

  6. Anonymous

    If not for American Idol, we might not have had Jennifef Hudson’s beautiful and classy America the Beautiful performance.

  7. Al Dente

    That half-time show made my gums bleed.

  8. Balzac

    After being criticized for lip-synching at the Obama inauguration, Beyonce called a press conference, gave a beautiful a cappella rendition of the National Anthem, and asked, “Any questions?”

    For having the courage to tell the media to go to hell, let’s congratulate her.

    Yes the green-weenies modified the energy systems of the New Orleans Superdome. Next they want to bring you the advantages of Zimbabwean/Brazilian energy infrastructure: power that runs….some of the time.

  9. kc

    The Super Bowl gives new meaning to the term “circus” in the phrase Bread and Circuses so I guess it’s a significant event for this era, but to mention it in the context of energy savings seems a little farfetched. Maybe all of the limos are electric and the private jets are solar.

  10. De Beers

    I’ve probably watched no more than 2 hours of television in the past 10 years.

  11. Greenwich Gal

    Well, that crotch grabbing whore brought down the house! She was amazing! It’s about time the fabulously talented crotch grabbing whores of the world got their due on the world stage.
    What did you want, CF…Ethel Merman?