A trickle of real estate activity reported

A sale, a “new” listing – new broker new price, actually – and a busted offer, being 23 Chieftans, 337 North Street and 55 Will Merry Lane, respectively.

23 Chieftans

23 Chieftans

23 Chieftans, the King Street development on the old Gimbel estate, sold for $2.4 million. Owner paid $3.050 for it when it was new in 2003 and started her resale journey @ $4.250 in 2005. These are tough sells, in my experience because they’re in a noisy, inconvenient location, and pretty much have an adult retirement community feel. That’s just my opinion, of course, and you may commute out of Westchester Airport, play golf at the Giff and have seven adopted Vietnamese children attending Brunswick-On-King-Street, in which case, this is the place for you. $2.4’s pretty cheap, regardless.

337 North Street was built in 2005, listed at $5.6 and sold in 2006 for $4.880. Listed at $5.2 in June, 2010, it’s now back with a new broker and a new price, $4.450. Without resurrecting last week’s discussion on what’s selling in mid-country these days, I still maintain that it’s the houses in the $3s that are moving.

And rounding up the morning’s activity, 55 Will Merry Lane, asking $2.995 million and reported as havig an accepted offer this past January, is now available once more.


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7 responses to “A trickle of real estate activity reported

  1. Anonymous

    your client should go for it. it falls in the range and it’s newly constructed!!! plus. your client don’t need a big house with a big lot anyway! great location, close to both public and private schools

  2. ShedLessToolMan

    Will Merry Lane seems like a great house for the money.. until you realize your pool and spa as they call it is so close to the merritt parkway that those stuck in rush hour traffic will gawk at your wife during afternoon nude sunbathing sessions.. Moreover, the house should come with a Sonos programmed to play white noise on a permanent loop..

    as for north street.. I do like the house.. price might come down.. was there a molding sale that I missed? That place has moldings on top of moldings on top of moldings…

    and chieftans.. location to me is worse than will merry.. I agree with you that this it is for a very very very particular person.. however, the price did get to a very attractive point.. sometimes a decision can be more financial than emotional..


  3. D

    Agreed on 337 pricing comment… By far one of the worst closer to town locations on North Street. Really shoe horned in back in 2005. Either people are whizzing around the blind-ish corner, or the light is red and its a parking lot in front of your house. Lots of Country Day and GHS traffic converges there too.

    Another funny – broker didn’t list that the house is just under 6K sf b/c that’s obviously small for mid-country, but not listing it just served to draw my attention right to it. I get why a broker would want to omit it, but don’t they realize this just raises the profile of the issue?

  4. Mickster

    Some ‘trickle’ last week too!!!

    Transactions for the
    past week in Greenwich

    35 Andrews Farm Rd. $6,350,000
    37 Meadow Wood Rd. $4,800,000
    12 Tyler Lane, R’side. $2,452,500
    30 Lismore Lane. $2,350,00
    120 Milbank Avenue. $2,100,000
    35 Winding Lane. $1,800,000
    53 Locust Street, $1,235,000
    349 Riversville Rd. $930,000
    5 Mimosa Drive. $910,000
    20 Church St. B24. $540,000
    115 Putnam Park, $440,000

    Contracts fully executed.
    537 North St. List $7,350,000.
    44 N Stanwich Rd. List $6,995,000.
    37 Hillside Rd. List 4,495,000.
    27 Boblink Ln List $3,950,000.
    12 Indian Chase Dr. List $3,250,000.
    28 West Way. List $2,850,000.
    331 Round Hill Rd. List $ 2,500,000.
    2 Stanwich Ln $1,995,000.
    114 N Stonehedge Dr. $1,095,000.
    52 Lafayette Pl. # 1C $297,900.

    Accepted Offers and Contingent Contracts
    11 Broad Road. List $5,299,000
    44 Winthrop Dr. List $4,195,000
    50 Hillcrest Park Rd. List $2,699,000
    89 Summit Road. List $2,199,000
    22 Brownhouse Rd. List $1,995,000
    41 Deepwoods Ln. List $1,895,000
    30 North St. Land List $1,595,000
    38 Angus Lane. List $1,495,000
    1 Driftway. List. $1,190,000
    27 Home Place #A List $935,000
    50 Church St. # 7. List $925,000
    44 Halsey Dr. List. $810,000
    187 Davis Ave. List $749,000
    68 Riverdale Ave #502 List $699,000
    132 Henry St. List $650,000
    4 Putnam Hill #2G List $630,000
    28 Woodland Dr #B List $599,000
    16 Morgan Ave List $475,000
    3 Putnam Hill #3C List $425,000
    30 Putnam Park List $349,000

  5. Anonymous

    337 North- TERRIBLE location!! I wonder how long you sit in that driveway trying to make a left hand turn! good Luck. All that traffic and the street light to boot!