Best Super Bowl ad?

Glenn Reynolds reports that it was well received. I missed it when it aired last night and in case you did too, here it is. The fact that 95% of us live off the farm and wouldn’t know a horse if it bit us doesn’t, for me, take away the appreciation for a well crafted production.


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38 responses to “Best Super Bowl ad?

  1. Jane

    Beautiful. Definitely the best ad of the evening.

  2. armonk

    I did not like it. Turned out to be an ad for trucks.

  3. Anon

    There were several ads last night that went into “statement mode” where the name of the product was secondary to the message. This was one. I liked it. Liked the statement. Loved Paul Harvey’s voice (if I had to guess, 99% of the viewing audience wouldn’t have a clue who Paul Harvey was).

  4. D

    Completely agree. Wife and I were taken by surprise when we saw this ad. Everything else was surprisingly awful – Dodge did very well with this one.

  5. Anonymous

    Preferred the Audi commercial.

  6. edgewater

    our whole group … 20 people…thought the farmer ad by ‘dodge’ [now called ‘ram’ i guess] was brilliant and we were going nuts trying to recall what voice it was mimicking … and finally someone came up with it… paul harvey.. but what was up with baltimore taking a safety with 11 seconds left, leaving a 3 point spread, rather than punting and having a 5 point spread? turned out not to matter..

  7. Peg

    Beautiful. Nice to know it’s still possible to create something touching and strong like this.

  8. ajnock

    Farmers are the biggest welfare class in the US. The transfer of wealth from the city taxpayer to the farmer is staggering.

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    Every once in awhile, the ad guys get it right. So why can’t they do this more often?

  10. best ad

    best ad was the Etrade one with the baby showing how else you could blow a ton of cash. favorite scene was the baby relaxing in a hot tub by the ocean with a panda.

  11. Anonymous

    It was a great commercial, and great for selling cars. But the images don’t paint a real picture of farming in this country today. Dept. of Ag. estimates less than 1% of the American population work on farms, and most of them work for corporations like ADM. And I’m sure a large portion of them are illegal immigrants. Although we like to think that the people in this commercial represent the average farmer in this country, the truth is that it is a Mexican immigrant working for a company. But, they are selling a fantasy after all!

    • 99% of all 4-wheel SUV’s never leave the pavement, 95% of all visitors to our national parks don’t go farther than 150 yards from the road, and 100% of all residential exercise treadmills start gathering dust 6 months after their purchase (I just made that statistic up, but it’s true). Fantasy and human beings are joined at birth.

    • OG Reader

      You raise an interesting point; after some light research, it does not appear that laborers are counted as farmers. Here are some real numbers:

      Summary – farmers are few in number (960,000) and older than you might think (forty percent of the farmers in this country are 55 years old or older).

      The ad may be closer to reality then you’re giving it credit for. It seems for every giant agra-corp. there are 8 family farms.

  12. another stb 4 me

    Twisted ad. Give me Bar Refali and the GO Daddy Geek anytime…gross

    • Well it may have missed some of the audience, but I don’t think metrosexual urban effetes comprise much of the pickup (truck) market.

      • another stb 4 me

        fair enough! i think i’ll take the made in america (tx) toyota tundra over the dodge ram – at least those ads are about what the truck can do as opposed to some abstract distortion of an ad (probably dreamed by the same crop of metrosexuals in NYC or San Francisco)

  13. Peg

    How much of advertising is stark reality!?! This ad was not about farming today. It was about an era and a mentality that focused on what made our country great.

    After all – if you look at every cosmetic, clothing, household furnishings, etc advertising… how many women and homes look like the stuff portrayed in THOSE ads?

  14. dogwalker

    Unfortunate so many farmers are being ruined by GMO-pushing conglomerates.

    • Corn farmers are responsible, along with our politicians, with bringing us ethanol and thus enriching themselves at our expense and starving the world’s poor, so they get no respect or sympathy from me, conglomerates or just plain old bib-overall wearers.

  15. RaisedinRiverside

    That one was pretty good… my favorites were the Budweiser/Clydesdale ad and the Jeep/USO ad. And GoDaddy was just vile.

    • Brown Eyed Girl

      Oh, I had blocked out my memory of that GoDaddy spot until just now…. I had to spit out my nacho.

  16. another stb 4 me

    and here’s what the tina fey generation thinks:

  17. Anonymous

    ouch! the above commenters are starved for character

  18. Greenwich Gal

    Edgewater –
    The Ravens made the smart call and took the safety. They could run the clock down next to nothing, lose a couple of points and still make a punt from the 20 yard line with only a couple of secnds to go, thereby leaving the 49’rs no time to make a play. Brilliant move to assure them the win.

  19. Anonymous2

    Every year I drive from Greenwich to LA and back, the lure being what lies between. The audience for this is still there.

    • Peg

      It’s true, Anony2. The big question is – how long can those people hold up the nation for all those who want to throw away the parts that have made us great?

  20. Must be missing something...

    I thought the Audi Car message was…’Ugly Blokes drive Audis”, obviously too thick for the ad.