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The Mickster comments below on sales and accepted offers that have been reported just since last Monday and it does indeed show some robust activity. But a look at what’s selling and where they started might be useful:

11 sales

Address                    Orig Price                Selling Price                DOM

35 Andrews            $12,500,000          $6,630,000                1607

23 Chieftans           $4,250,000            $2,400,000               654

349 Riversville      $1,450,000             $    930,000               396

37 Meadow Wd     $6,650,000             $4,800,000               617

120 Milbank            $2,375,000             $2,100,000                204 (2008 purchase price $2.5)

5  Mimosa                 $ 1,095,000            $ 910,000                   225

30 Lismore              $2,695,000             $2,495,000                192

55 Londonderry     $1,795,000              $1,700,000                131

12 Tyler                     $2,895,000              $2,452,000                114

5 Circle Dr. X          $   790,000               $    682,000                750

35 Winding Lane   $3,250,000              $1,800,000               Private sale

None of which is bad news, and there are plenty of buyers out there actively looking. I just think these numbers are interesting.


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3 responses to “Happy happy joy joy

  1. King Richard III, from the Parking Lot at Ralph's

    Shouldn’t you be sending this “where they start and where they end” edict to brokers who stick stupid price tags on houses in the first place? Or force sellers to read this post? There’s a lesson to be learned here.

    o/t but of interest to all CT Amazon users: hot off the Twitter press:
    HARTFORD, Conn. —
    Connecticut officials say Amazon has agreed to collect Connecticut’s sales tax, ending a dispute over the tax that the online retailer had refused to charge its customers.
    Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said Monday that Amazon also promised to spend $50 million to build a facility at an unspecified site and create hundreds of jobs.

    Amazon will begin collecting the 6.35 percent tax on Nov. 1 and submit the money to the state.

    Amazon previously insisted it is not obligated to abide by the state’s Internet tax law because it does not have a physical presence in Connecticut.

    • Like the income tax proceeds, our government will use this new source of funds wisely and well, surely (glad to see you’ve found yourself there under the parking lot, Richard – been a long time!)

  2. D

    Amazing that this post has been up for so long and all the comments it has garnered has been Sir Richard letting us know how Amazon has let us down. This should be printed and mailed to every d-bag listing a house who hasn’t bothered to counter reasonable purchase offers!