Liberal think tank’s advice to developing countries: do the European

Harvard students and faculty display their erudition

Harvard students and faculty display their eruditions

Close your factories, take long vacations and work less, if you want to stop global warming. So says The Center for Economic and Policy Research, and aren’t you glad your tax dollars are supporting this sort of thinking? The idea is brilliant, and exactly what you’d expect from Harvard professors, but the Chinese dictatorship, already on shaky ground, may be wary of emulating Spain’s 50% unemployment rate for its youth – kids ‘ll do the meanest things when they’re annoyed.

Do you remember when Harvard was a respected institution and economy was a hard science? Neither do I.


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6 responses to “Liberal think tank’s advice to developing countries: do the European

    AT LEAST WE WERE NOT TOGETHER >>>>BUT DO YOU REMEMBER …..what were those twin girls names ?

  2. anonymous citizenette

    Geez, considering how there is almost no manufacturing done in the US anymore, and millions are not working because they’ve either been laid off or won’t get off their lazy entitlement collecting butts, there should be glaciers in long island sound, right?

  3. Anonymous

    zee’s vay to da showers

  4. Mickster

    I must confess that I skimmed through the article but yes, the European work week is a much better model. I am in touch with Europe daily either by phone or newspapers. Their quality of life is so superior there is no comparison here. Some may compare healthcare systems but if I was to pay almost $1000 per month in premiums in Europe (as I do here) then I would have access to the best care. The biggest difference between US and Europe I find is how well most Europeans interact with each other daily. Families and neighbors play a big part in their lives. They get to have lunch outside work. They spend time with their friends and families. Is everything perfect over there – no. I believe they’re screwed in the longterm but not because of their work week (except in Greece!) but because of the mismanagement of their EEC economies.

    Most Americans are in their cubes at 8 and leave at 6 or 7 without having produced anything worthwhile. Most US jobs revolve around “investing” or “services”. Manufacturung, for the most part, has gone offshore. Here in Greenwich we mingle with the top 5% of US earners. We are not exposed to the vast majority of poor Americans who are barely surviving at the poverty level. The “investors” and their agents, in their quest for profits and dividends have driven industry abroad where labor is cheaper, all to the detriment of their fellow citizens. I speak to Indians and Phillipinos every other day on the phone on behalf of major US firms. I am also guilty of this – I’ve spent $2K in the last month on offshore contracts. All hail the Almighty Dollar.

    Major firms like Apple and others have “off-shored” their profits to avoid US taxation and have parked billions abroad in places like Ireland that they can’t repatriate without huge penalties. Our economy loses all that benefit. If most of what we earn we spend and most of what we spend, we spend on imports, then we, as a nation, are hemorrhaging every day.

    And I look at our Congress, those chosen (by us) to serve our best interests. By not incentivizing US companies to keep jobs here, they have created a whole new class of dependents – last count almost 50 million Americans. It is unconscionable. The lack of leadership is appalling.

    We(for the most part) have become a nation of salesmen and consumers of imports. We create little. We are empty suits with empty lives.

    Blessed be the meek – for they shall inherit the Earth. (I’m not a religious man but this saying rings in my ears a lot – you think he was talking about the ‘meek’ Chinese?). They are the largest owner of our IOUs. They own us. Our government (and we) let them.

    My head hurts – I’m off to bed.

  5. Anonymous


    You need some sleep. To state “We(for the most part) have become a nation of salesmen and consumers of imports. We create little. We are empty suits with empty lives.” is a very narrow view of America. We are the world’s top producer of innovation and IP. Just a few recent examples to jog your memory:
    Cloud computing
    Analytic software

    All of this innovation creates jobs, both white and blue collar. History shows that economies evolve, as has ours. I spend weeks every quarter in Europe and things are not so great over there. Have you been to Paris lately? Outside of the tourist districts, it is getting run down and people are very angry, the airport is a mess. Europe better fix itself or it will have to break up.

  6. Harvard and the government (but I repeat myself) should volunteer to go first and take a 20% cut in time and pay, to lead by example, as it were.