Ron Paul reveals his weak side

Which would be thinking. Commenting on the murder of Marine SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, Paul tweets , “those who live by the sword die by the sword”. End of tweet. Paul opposes all US military intervention and so is, at best, blasé over the death of a hero. Westboro Baptist Church congregants believe that God caused the murder of Sandy Hook’s children because America supports abortion. They both remind me of the worst of the Saudi clerics.

UPDATE: Well I hadn’t noticed until just now, but the New York Daily News is on the same page as Ron Paul: “killed by semi-automatic pistol”, “he lived by the sword, he died by the sword” and of course an obligatory cross link to Gabby Gifford’s “drive to end gun violence”. Friggin assholes, pardon my Irish.


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10 responses to “Ron Paul reveals his weak side

  1. Demmerkrat Patriot

    In the end, Ron Paul, the Phelps family, and the Saudi clerics are just humans like you and me. And, as you well know, there are good humans and detestable humans.

    Choose your friends wisely.

  2. TheWizard

    To disagree with official policy is one thing, to have this attitude about a good soldier is reminiscent of 70’s hippy scum.

  3. He was a Seal, not a Marine. Rest in peace, sailor.

  4. Anonymous

    No MSM coverage of mass shooter Nkosi Thandiwe, who learned to hate white people in college. Obmaphile Thandiwe was an athropology major at University of West Georgia.

  5. Anonymous

    My conspiratorial meter goes off the scale when a U.S. Navy SEAL is killed. One less skilled good guy. One less person with “too much” arcane military knowledge. Don’t need those types around when They do what They wanna do.

    • Anonymous

      Andrew Breitbart, John Noveske then Keith Ratliff within days of each other, now Chris Kyle….

      Coincidence or something more sinister?

    • Yos

      Mine doesn’t. “Stuff happens.” Good and bad.

      God Bless and keep Kyle. Yeah, we lost a good one. Two, in fact. Two families with a whole lot of hurt.

      I wish Dr. Paul had displayed a little less haste and a lot more wisdom.

  6. None

    Ron Paul is the best thing to hit D.C. in the last 40 years.