Sell Greenwich by its proximity to White Plains shopping? Bad idea.

900 Lake Avenue

900 Lake Avenue

900 Lake Avenue is back, asking exactly what it’s been asking for the past year, $3.295 million (it started at $4.125 back in 2010, so there has been some movement during its time on the market). I really like this house – it was an old antique – 1790 or so, gutted, expanded, made new, essentially, in 2005. It’s beautiful and its layout works for me but not, obviously for real buyers, though I don’t know why. It’s biggest hurdle is probably its location a mile above the Merritt – nothing that the right price won’t cure. Good house (a bit of a sketchy yard, but deal with it).

Interesting web site set up by its previous broker. I assume this was part of some idea to sell to NYC weekenders but if so that proved misguided (it didn’t sell: res ipsa loquitor). Regardless of the intended market, the video is odd in that it devotes less than a minute to, you know, the house, then turns its attention to the tennis courts and skating warming hut at Binney Park, the road to (gated, private) Meads Point, Riverside Yacht Club’s (private) beach and the White Plains Bloomingdales. Bloomingdales?

God Made a Farmer it is not.


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17 responses to “Sell Greenwich by its proximity to White Plains shopping? Bad idea.

  1. Attached mls states 81,000 sq feet .. This is either a great deal or a bad typo

    • Westchesterer

      With 81,000 square feet the footprint of the house would be an acre. More like 8,100, if that.

      • It’s two acres in the 4-acre zone, so beats me how they even got permission to build as much as they did, but anyway, the tax card says 5,772 sq. ft. and a 2,325 sq.ft basement. The realtor has (tried) to add these figures together and come up with 81,161. I’m sure the decimal point will be put in its proper place tomorrow, but the square footage will doubtless continue to include the basement. I find this practice annoying because some realtors do it, others do not and those who do never note that they’ve done so, so trying to compare square footages is a real chore. Bah.

  2. Westchesterer

    Maybe they should sell by its proximity to Costco. Most of the plates are CT plates, anyway. With Westchester’s 2% tax cap in place, Rye is selling very well.

  3. Also to whomever made that marketing video … Spend more money on staging and less on video shots of town destinations ..

    I am guessing this was either a rookie broker or a marketing experiment?

    J.Lo and Ben affleck could not have made a worse video together

  4. anon

    the visual that I can’t get past is driving into three gigantic garage spaces. The front door looks like it needs a funicular to access. Too bad the giant stone ell on the left couldn’t be built going behind the house so that the front door etc is the view.

    Anyone else notice the floor outlet in the MBR? It’s in the middle of the room. At least that’s what it looks like. In front of the ottoman at the foot of the bed.

  5. Cobra

    Very nice house, but as I recall, its east-facing side sits about ten feet from Lake Avenue. Perhaps as it sits well north of the Merritt’s entrance/exit ramps, traffic noise may be tolerable.

    • The previous own, a guy named John Birch, was a client of mine many years back and I was up there quite a few times (mid 1980’s?). I never noticed road noise but then, I wasn’t looking to buy the place either.

  6. Anonymous

    For a (long) moment there, I thought I was watching a promo for the Del-a-Mar hotel.

  7. Where is White Plains ?
    Is it racist there, wherever it is ?

  8. anonymous

    Before the addition, it was a nice little historic colonial farmhouse by the side of the road with some nice land, a great get away in the back country. Now I don’t know what it is. Apparently neither does anyone else.

  9. I was intrigued to learn that Greenwich is only 50 acres in size. I always thought it was 50 square miles. But what do I know? I’m not a professional realtor, that’s for sure.

  10. Anonymous

    To quote an old tennis player in regards to that virtual tour- “You can’t be serious!!!”