This may prove a challenge

14 Sound Beach Avenue

14 Sound Beach Avenue (pre-foreclosure)

14 Sound Beach Avenue, a 1950’s bungalow convenient to transportation and described by its listing as “built to last”, is back on the market at $599,000 after failing to sell last year for $595,000. The previous owner paid $607,000 for it in 2006 then lost it to Deutsche Bank via foreclosure. The bank in turn sold it to this seller for $520,000, and now it’s your turn to don the earmuffs and settle into “all the amenities Old Greenwich has to offer.”

A hitchhiker's dream

A hitchhiker’s dream


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32 responses to “This may prove a challenge

  1. AndyD

    The state should buy it and add an on-ramp to northbound I-95 traffic in order to cut down on traffic at the McDonalds intersection. i know this will never happen since it makes too much sense.

  2. anonn

    Don’t make too much fun. Gets you a house in OG (south of the Post Road even) and Dundee School, for half a million dollars. Not too many of those around. This isn’t for me either, but it’s a way into Greenwich if that’s what you want!!

    • I like Old Greenwich but I just don’t think I could stand this level of noise. But as you point out, it’s relatively cheap and someone’s been buying it over the years since it was first built.

  3. Anonymous

    I agree with anonn. They’re trying to sell condos in downtown Greenwich, same sq footage, with I-95 views and smells for almost twice as much.

  4. Cockeyed Optimist

    This home could be the dream for a family coming out of the city who can’t afford Greenwich proper. It’s made someone happy since 1950. No reason it shouldn’t keep on giving.

  5. LAK

    The colors and style of this house reminds me of the old Conn. Ave.

  6. Thank you for featuring my new listing at 14 Sound Beach Avenue. Last year, we withdrew the listing after only 2 weeks, because the tenants were not in the position to allow Agents to show the home, Now, this listing can be easily shown beginning this Thursday, Feb 7, after the Brokers’ Open House, which will include Lunch and Nancy’s Desserts, one of my special services to benefit the Sellers of my listings.

    Also, my sincere thanks to the bloggers, who rightfully acknowledge that many Greenwich homes are blessed with the sounds, sights, and smells of I-95.

  7. Anonymous

    The cool thing about that house is the extra cans and bottles its new owners will collect as they’re tossed from I-95. Think of it as a principal paydown kitty.

  8. That was a great part of Town until Robber Moses and his ilk stuffed I95 up the coast.
    IKE did not do the Pike.
    Connecticut Governemnt scam built the New England Thruway by same tactics soaring in Hartford today.
    Now that we are CT can we dump the nutmegs prevelant in paid governemt positions or keep believing the tolls were solely for highway ?
    Malloy is real.
    He will deal.
    Stop the steal.
    He will show up with support.
    We need to support him.
    Research Town Governemt since Koch was first elected.
    Frown or Smile ?
    Would you help host a lunch/dinner, whatever… that Malloy and Foley could come and hang at ?
    I think they are both great. They really care about our State and Towns. We should think of them as friends not enemies of our State.

  9. anonymous

    Bravo, Nancy. Instead of getting all pissy, she used the forum to plug her listing. Smart move. I wonder if her deserts are any good?

  10. I 95 marked the end of greenwich as we knew it pre-1963

    very very old timers will cringe when the merritt went in around 1934 cutting the back country.

  11. D

    This won’t be an owner-user. This will perpetually be a low-cost renter. I know several people with an extra half mil kicking around who want a little rental project.

    Also, I agree with anonymous 10:05, way to plug your listing. How much were the last renters paying for this? Is the investor angle attractive?

  12. Barbara Clay, Attorney at Law

    Hi, I’m the current owner and an very experienced and well respected attorney. Chris, you have a lot of facts here that are flat out wrong. You may want to give me a call and correct this article 203-560-4477 or perhaps I can have some fun and get a ceast and desist on your website. There are also assumptions in this article that are just silly, not well thought out, and mean-spirited. It was not a failed sale. The tenants loved the home so much, they wanted to stay long term. Next example – everyone knows in Greenwhich the “95-sound” travels down the block, not next to the house. As your bloggers note, there is huge opportunity here as the state is willing to sell the land behind (I had the right for a while, I can tell you know to do it). Quite frankly, unless you have close to a million bucks, it’s a ticket into Old Greenwich where you can enjoy the wonderful place greenwich is, you can bike every night and swim at Todd Point — we did when we lived there (and completed the Greenwich Triathlon). We loved every minute. As your feedback indicates … “Why you such a hater?” Thank goodness I have the best realtor that dealt with your meanness in an elegant way. I’ll be calling you to make the needed corrections ASAP.

    • If the corrections you call for fall include your bit of wisdom that “everyone knows sound travels down the block” I’m sure there’s no need for that – your agent can just show the house to prospective buyers and whisper “can you hear me now?” When they do, when they realize that they’ve stepped from the noise and bustle of I-95 and into the protective Cone of Silence, all will be well.

      If there’s more than that “error”, feel free to add them here. But please, enough of the “I’m a well respected attorney and I’m going to sue you hrmmphh hrmmph crap – you give the rest of us ambulance chasers a bad name.

  13. Barbara Clay, Attorney at Law

    Update 1: Just wanted to answer questions – you will have more renters than you can imagine, fighting to get into Greenwich. I travel too much to be a Landlord (just opened the Toronto StockExchange yesterday morning for example :)). You will make money – turn key simple house. All wood floors, city water, natural gas. The most afforadable wonderful place to live.

    Update 2: I e-mailed and called Chris, “the hater”, and he’s silent. Hope he puts on his big boy pants and calls me. Can’t wait for him to correct this article. Another thing Chris “failed” to mention is yes, the former owner paid over $700k, put a new kitchen in and bath, etc., then the market failed. Market is back .. and opportunity is knocking ..

  14. Barbara Clay, Attorney at Law


  15. Barbara Clay, Attorney at Law

    At least I passed the bar Chris … hahaha and actually practiced law for 15 years. Can you imagine? who goes to law school, then writes a blog?

  16. FF

    Funny response by the seller, because I bet this house goes fast. One of the things I know about 95 noise, and living close enough to same, is that the houses below the overpasses, like this one, are far, far less affected than those on grade or above, like those on Buxton Lane, or in Byram. You get the hum, I am sure, but its probably just fine and furthermore, its probably something one can absorb easily like they do in the City.

    Its funny though, I appreciated the elegant comments by the agent, but I wonder if people might be put off because the actual seller expresses that kind of aggression. It might be indicative of the kind of negotiating partner he may be.

    • dogwalker

      Exactly, FF. I just hate it when women over-react, as though they have surging hormones. I know menopause can be tough, but then stay home and stay off the computer. Makes the rest of us look bad.

      And, my goodness, for CF the write-up is absolutely complimentary!

  17. Barbara Clay, Attorney at Law

    This guy is such a loser; gotta get back to work. At least some of us are practicing attorneys.

  18. Ambulance Chaser

    If this is the owner, she’s one fancy liberal lawyer. David Boies!

  19. Barbara Clay, Attorney at Law

    Here are the correction [sic] that need to be posted:

    1. Not a bungalow; center colonial
    2. The picture is not pre-foreclosure
    3. Foreclosure is long ago history, misleading to imply now with current picture
    4. Pre-foreclosure PP was over $600k, then new kitchen, new bath put in by former owner, public records show all permits.
    5. You have never been in the house, you do not know noise.
    6. Not failed sale, tenant wanted longer term contract once we listed

    • A bungalow house is generally defined as a small or medium-size home built in the United States between 1900 and 1950. Some architects and designers classify a bungalow-style home by exterior architectural details, such as a low-pitched roof or large verandah. Still others define a bungalow as a practical home offering an open floor plan and efficient use of space.

      Read more: Definition of Bungalow House |

      I thought I was being nice captioning the picture as “pre-forclosure – you mean that’s how it looks now? Jesus Christ, woman, don’t you know any Mexican sod sellers?

      I believe your claim that “if you’ve never been in the house you don’t know noise” doesn’t quite convey the meaning you intend, or does it?

  20. Barbara Clay, Attorney at Law

    It’s a she (so much for gender equality) LOL … thanks for the nice comment above. I am not aggressive, I am smart. I gave Chris fair opportunity to correct and do the right thing. He chose to be a rather unpleasant person who will not correct the record. When people hurt people and lie, I get my “David Boies” on. DB taught me well. I’m fighting for the little people who can’t fight “Hater Chris Fountain.” He needs to realize what he’s doing; I can absorb the lies and mess he has made, other can’t. I’m very happy to sell this to either a smart investor or a lovely family who wants the same opportunity we had living there – great times. Thanks all.

  21. anonymous

    The entrance door is on the right side of the house. If it’s a “center hall colonial,” where’s the other half of the house?

  22. LAK

    This is wayyy better than RHOBH!!
    Are you serious?? Calling GPD?! I would LOVE to hear what they have to say!

    • Actually, I was going to ask GPD Folks to look into that and report back because I’d love to hear what the poor desk sergeant heard: “I want to report a written slander”. “A what? Who wrote what, where?” “Well he didn’t actually write anything but he called me a slut, I heard him!” “Where? He spoke to you?” “Well no, but I heard him, I tell you, I heard him! He’s still talking! Oh, make him stop, MAKE HIM STOP!!!!”
      Never a dull day in Greenwich when the lawyers are loose.

  23. Anonymous

    Some things you just can’t make up.

    Thanks for providing entertainment on a dreary winter day.

  24. GreenITCH

    CF is the broker open house for 14 Sound Beach ave today ? .. what time will you be attending ? I will bring my lawn chair and enjoy some of Nancys deserts ..