Accepted offers

Three reported today, so far.

Faaarm livin' is the life for me ...

100 Rockwood. Faaarm livin’ is the life for me ..

100 Rockwood Lane, $3.4 million. It’s a short sale, which suggests a bargain, but otherwise uninteresting, at least to my clients, none of whom would even nibble at this pseudo-barn.

5 North Ridge, $829,000. Havemeyer, next to the Big Dig.

12 Oak Drive, Riverside. I’ll withhold comment.


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6 responses to “Accepted offers

  1. Anon

    O/t but important. NYT just denied accessing gun owner map.
    @newsbusters: Copycat New York Times Denied Access to Gun Owner Database – Considering the enormous amount of negative publicity t…

  2. ShedLessToolMan

    Is it just location that makes the rockwood place so expensive? the house is very lackluster in the pictures.. moreover not very big and the grounds are not very impressive.. as a short sale, I have to imagine it will transact for much less than 3.4.. or am I missing something here?

  3. Anonymous

    Does 12 Oak back up the old Seifert property?

  4. Anonymous

    Holy Bahjeezus. 3.4mm for a 1950s teardown sitting on an undersized lot?

  5. ShedLessToolMan

    Anonymous, — I agree with you.. but, I have not seen this one in person.. that is why I was wondering if I was missing something? especially for a short sale.. not like it is a make me move situation or they have the luxury of time to sit and wait..

  6. D

    Agreed Shed, Rockwood should be worth less than $3… Grossly undersized lot really limits this place.